The Secret of Success
According to Lucy Goosey

by Lin Stone

Being a writer, living by your wits, dodging the fiery darts of your demonic detractors, scraping the bottom of the barrel of humility for transient editors, is not an easy vocation.  Those who make it are gazed upon in awe, regarded almost as demi-gods.  

What is the secret 
of their golden success?

I too wondered that once.

Then I met Lucy Goosey, literary offspring of Mother Goose, and studied her performance in depth.

Here then, for your benefit, are the secrets Lucy Goosey unwittingly and unwillingly revealed unto to me over the course of a two minute study.

Search if you will, please, over the picture below with your blinking cursor.  As you stumble upon hidden hot spots of humble direction, CLICK your left mouse button.

And, here's a hot tip for you to use.  
Lucy Goosey uses WORDS to cue her secrets of success in.

  1. Secret #1:  Keep your hat on.  Keep your hat on because when all the world is losing its head and blaming it on you, if you keep your hat on the pigeons of the earth shall contribute only spotty splashes of indignation upon your inner soul.

  2. Secret #2:  Keep all your eggs in one basket.  When your eggs hatch, hide your plums in there too.

  3. Secret #3:  Into every writer's life a few rejection slips must trickle down from the heavens.  When you get one, SQUASH it.

  4. Secret #4:  Keep all your bills right under your nose so you will remember that no matter how much you earn, you will always owe more.

  5. Secret #5:  Thank whatever muses that may be that Christmas only comes once a year. 

  6. Secret #6:  When you finally do get a peachy publishing contract, see that it boldly goes where only the sour grapes have gone before.

  7. Secret #7:  Always feather your nest on a solid foundation.

  8. Secret #8:  People your plots with anthropomorphic characters whose witticisms exceed your own for incandescent brilliance.

  9. Secret #9:  Be like Mark Twain and embrace modern technology.  If he were alive today he would have his Connecticut Yankees spinning new Webs in King Arthur's Court.

  10. Secret #10:  Don't ever tell anyone your secrets.

  11. Secret #11:  When all else fails.  Wing it.

And last, but seldom least, 
Always remember Lucy's tattered but untorn rather scatter-brained advice: 
"You can't go wrong when you fly right."

So there you have it, the secrets of success right straight from the mouth of the most quoted bird of this century.

A note from Lin:  Authors and writers are encouraged to download Lucy's picture and use it as background on their monitor.  Tell your other writer friends to come read this for themselves.

Now, if you need more advice, I've made it even easier for you.  All you have to do is:[TiPot.htm]