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What it is, How To Tame It

By Scott Lindsay


Point-of-view might be a stumbling block for brand new Christian writers. Characters may see the same scene in different ways. It's important to never jar your reader from the message by creating shifts in point-of-view.


In becoming acquainted with point-of-view or POV, it's best to begin with the basic principles of learning first, second, and third person perspectives. Then concentrate on recognizing POV shifts.

First Person

First person can certainly be remembered with this phrase, I'm first. The character makes known her world to the reader by way of her own emotions, 5 senses, and inner thoughts. The author writes employing very specific pronouns and verbs, for instance first person always uses the pronoun, I and usually verbs are present tense.

Second Person

Second person is hardly ever employed in Christian fiction. The pronoun, you is commonly employed to convey the tale. Readers have difficulties immersing themselves into the story. It creates a wall between the story and reader.

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Third Person

Third person is most likely the most well known viewpoint used by Christian writers. The author writes utilizing certain pronouns and verbs, for example third person always employs the pronouns, he or she and in most cases the verbs are past tense. Third person alone may produce some distance between the particular story and reader because anytime itís used by itself the reader cannot view the characterís environment through the characterís eyes, but through the writers' eyes with the authorís narration.

Third Person Limited Point-of-View

Third person limited may be explained by visualizing first person and third person blending together. An author combines the most beneficial elements of first person which are the characterís 5 senses, emotions, and inner thoughts and includes third person, sharing the story via the authorís narration. This limited point of view causes the primary characterís focal world of his thoughts, emotions, and five senses and conveyed by way of the vehicle of an outside narrator.

Realizing POV Shifts

Switching points-of-view can be viewed via the lens of a magical camera, which has the power to make known the emotions, inner most thoughts, and 5 senses of any individual who holds it. Suppose in your works-in-progress there is a large bash. Within the common area, everybody mingles, drinking cold beverages when suddenly a glamorous woman falls off of the balcony and plummets to her death.

Your main character is a homicide investigator in the right spot at the perfect time. He grabs your magical camera. You now understand everything personal concerning him. Heís angry because heís required to work on this case while he is supposed to be on vacation. He additionally smells gun powder and places the camera down to check it out.

The heroine retrieves the camera. She argued with the glamour girl prior to the tumble. Icy fingers of fear clenches her stomach. Despite the fact that she is innocent, her former sins might incriminate her. The woman sets the camera on the coffee stand to create a cool get away.

The villain grabs the camera. He toys with it. He smiles at the private eye. The villain snapped a photo of the deceased. The woman's portion of the embezzled money was his now. It's possible that he will buy a brand new camera.

Anytime you change to a new characterís perspective, you are shifting POV. When you are inside your heroís POV, you shouldnít shift to any other characterís POV. Itís like Kindergarten, everyone takes turns.

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