Can Make You Rich

It hasn't been so long ago that the web was wide open for the little guy. Those that knew how to sell to webbers were cashing in on a market that seemed to have no end.
Some of them were making thousands of dollars,
and some were making hundreds of thousands!
Big Time Competitors
Moved IN!
Here's a kernel of hard truth to digest. Any time there is money being made, competition will move in. On the web it was no different. Some VERY BIG companies moved in, using their top sales professionals to throw some muscle at the market.
"Move over you little guys; we're going to show you how the big money captures the market!"

BOOM, came the dud that was heard around the world.

Big companies with big brain power and million dollar ad power suffered some very big losses. 

Instead of bragging about the millions they had made in profits, those big guys had to brag about how small their millions of dollars LOSS were; "We Only Lost $25 million in the last quarter!"  and, "Hey, that's nothing, we only lost $20 million in that same period of time."

Meanwhile, many of us little guys kept right on making our money.  Some of us made even more money than we had before the big competition moved in on our chosen markets.  There was this one particular company came into existence boasting of its high ALEXA ranking, that signed up hundreds and thousands of dealers with a neat little package that was going to reduce GOOGLE to rubble. 

The truth is, they had a good product, and a terrific piece of sales literature, but -- GOOGLE never even noticed the little dent in lost consumers. 

The hot new company switched saddles in the summer time and became something else.  Its ALEXA ranking bobbed a few times, then went under water and that ranking has now tumbled so far they are insignificant.  A study of those stats showed that most of the visits are from "members" coming to peek -- in despair -- at their empty stats and string of zeroes in earnings.

The main sales arena  -- where new customers were supposed to come to, was empty -- ALWAYS empty.

That big company had:

No hits,
no runs,
no errors,

In fact, all that company had was just a stream of hot air and worthless promises.

The tragedy was, the company had a great premise originally, plus it had enough investment capital to make it work, and was taking in more -- much more -- in the beginning.  Its original premise was thrown away, one point at a time as management took up one more fruitless enterprise at a time. 

The company studied its losses and made the decision to MAKE IT LOOK BIGGER.   It took what was left of the investment capital and built a wonderful building with lots of glass and polished floors.  Sales Crew?  "We'll hire telemarketers!" 

After 4 months of vigorous effort the results came in.. Sales?  Zero.  Therefore that magnificent company switched its saddle again and tried something else.  In the end, all the company had to offer was multi-level promises -- and that in a field already full and stripped by direct sales professionals.

Why is it that so many BIG companies -- with all their money, time and talent -- couldn't make it on the web? Why were they so quickly reduced to bragging about how little their "losses were in this past quarter?"

They lost touch with reality. 

A friend of mine was once one of the top programmers for the Post Office. Time and again he would be sent out to evaluate the work of other programmers with software designed to speed this operation up, that up, and cut a corner here or there. Almost every time he would have to shake his head and tell them a cold, hard truth...

"Nothing happens until the mail carrier puts the mail into the mail sack. Do something to speed that up and call me when you see it working."

Even then, many times he would end up having to draw a mail sack for them because they had no clue what a real one looked like.

So many BIG companies don't have the humbility to START with the BASICS.  They are going to teach US a lesson in Web Sales.  The company mentioned above started out by setting up agents to sell advertising on its web pages. "We don't have any visitors to our web pages yet, but you sell the space and we'll create a program that delivers a stream of customers for your advertisers."

No, sorry. It doesn't work that way, Charlie -- not even for the giants of industry. Wall-eyed ideas and empty promises won't cut it for very long with advertisers either.

Advertisers are searching desperately for customers. Advertisers EXPECT potential customers to be there already, before they put their money down. 

Nothing else comes first.

That big company took two years to waste all the money of its original investors, and all the money of its second floor investors too.


If you want to succeed better than a big company then Bite your tongue, Duck your head, and STAY with the BASICS.

Before you hire a sales force,
make sure you have a product someone wants; and then make sure you be able to deliver all the goods they can sell.

If you want to know if you have a product someone will buy, start selling it yourself. If you don't know how to sell yet, here is a refresher course you can use. 

Solid Success usually starts small, learns the ropes, and then works HARD.