Rewriting PLR
Really well, and Really fast!

First of all, PLR is the acronym for Private Label Rights.. which means that IF YOU HAVE PAID FOR THE PRIVILEGE then you can claim that YOU were the author. 

Maybe you want to break into writing by using PLR, but you are worried that someone will "catch" you at it, expose you, and maybe even PROSECUTE you.  Well, I do know one writer that sold an article to Tale Wins, and it turned out the original article was copyrighted material.  Over the phone I convinced the real owner that the writer selling to me probably hadn't realized the material had been stolen because the material was PLR.  She was so fascinated with picking up a process entirely new to her that she let us off the hook.

So, yes my friend.. you do want to rewrite the PLR.  In fact, you want to change it up, mix it up, make it YOUR material.  It is never a good idea to simply put your name on any PLR you buy. That's what newbies do.  Inevitably the rumor starts running around that you are just using PLR.  That won't happen if you have changed it enough.

There are several ways to do this mechanically - or with software, and you can find offers for helps that way in virtually any other writer-oriented magazine online.

Here are the steps I do take to make rewriting fast, good, and salable.

  1. I study the material's message for a time, and usually change the audience it is written to.  Maybe instead of writing to men I will write to women.  Be advised that I do much more than change words.  If I start with a 10,000 word book then it will be at least 30,000 when I finish -- with my research -- and adding my own personal experiences, gathering information from the experts and resources that I have gathered over the years.  Whole chapters are moved to meet the needs of my new audience and I answer the questions they are asking.  Yes, this takes time, but when I finish, it is MY book!
  2. For small articles I will rearrange the sequence of the paragraphs, putting one of the lower placed paragraphs in first place.
  3. I rearrange the sequence of at least 1 of the sentence in each paragraph.
  4. I rearrange the structure of at least 1 sentence in each paragraph.  "He cheerfully did everything for her that we were supposed to in her old age, and he cost her far less." becomes "In her old age, he cheerfully did everything for her that we were supposed to, and he cost her far less."
  5. I break up long sentences into 2, 3, 4.  If suitable I expand these new, separate sentences with my own research or experiences.
  6. If the PLR is written in British then I run it through my English converter that I made myself.  "Colour" becomes "color" -- for example.  I have it set up to make changes for most of the British spellings. 
  7. I suggest that you run the final version through Copyscape.  Eliminate or thoroughly rewrite any section that gets tagged.

Just to make sure that you start off on a fresh foot, let's slide over to Google for some help with churning out rewriting PLR material in a hurry.

  1. Select translate from English to some other language, perhaps Spanish.
    click the TRANSLATE button.
  2. Copy the results then REVERSE THE ORDER. Translate from XXX back into English.
  3. Click the Translate button again. Copy your results and paste them into your work.  Then copy the English version of this article and paste it in the first window instead of the original article. 
  4. If you don't see any, or enough changes, try a different language medium, Hindu for example.
  5. Copy the new article into your word processor and clean up any rubbish that is showing up.  It will usually be pretty obvious.
  6.  Even a ten thousand word article will take less than 5 minutes and you will look like a hero.

How big a document can you put in?  I have yet to find an end.

the end