Get Smart! Turn Your Ads
Into Smart Phone Billboards


Let's Get YOU Where 30 Million Readers
Have You At Their Mercy!
300 million QRcode users CAN'T be wrong.

QR Codes are the next generation of effective advertising.  There's no need for readers to type 40 digits to score.

They just click on your code,
and meet you at the door.

Today even Great Grandmas grab their mobile device and click on QR Codes. "They give us bargains, show us maps, take us to the beach, and and find us a place to sleep."

QR Codes
Can send your profits
S-O-A-R-I-N-G-   TOO!

Look at how Tale Wins Integrates QR Codes into Banners....

Think of this, your first book has just been published and you have a book signing at the mall.  You have a QR code printed on the back of your T-shirt with the address, time, dates and phone numbers listed INSIDE the QR.  It's true.  You can do it.  Make the code extra large and people can sneak up behind you and snap a click.  BOOM, everything is transferred right to their mobile device.

You can also set one on your web page, or maybe on someone else's, or HEY, on FaceBook.  YEAH!

No matter what business you are in,
Tale Wins wants to help you sell more, the modern way!
We can make a special banner that works 2 ways
MOUSE click, or MOBILE Klick!

QR CODES are so versatile they can deliver:
  • Your Name
  • Your User Name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Plain Text
  • Your G+ page
  • Your Web Site page
  • Your Blog
  • Your FaceBook Page
  • Your Twitter Tweet Account
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Home Address

If you have a web site, just send the url to me and I'll produce a QR code for you, free of charge.  Include your return email, of course or it can't be delivered.

Don't confuse matters, of course.  But, take a look at this sample of what you can add to your QR code block.. for just $10

  1. There's my picture on the left
  2. That's the web page QR CODE in the center
  3. There's my Teaser Copy on the right.
  4. Put that inside any of your books and you've just tapped into the mobile market.

Are you restricted to that size?

NO---OOO!  We can make them wider, taller, and change the order too.  We can do pretty much whatever you want us to do, except the QR code must be just about perfectly square to function properly.

Here are some other uses ideas.

Book Covers


It sells MORE merchandise!


If you are fairly good with some art program you can also make your own QR playpretties.  I have 2 models to choose from.  #1 is a super-duper model that will stand on its head and wiggle its toes for just $14.75 >>> #2 is so simple to use that even people like me can use them.  It's $7.37