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This is one of the best book proposals I've read in a long time; the author has given me permission to post it here as a guide that you can use.

TITLE: What it really takes to be a champion
The proven, yet elusive strategies for coaching championship baseball teams of any age group.  (Beyond how to hit, catch, and throw? what it really takes to be a champion)

AUDIENCE: (How-To / Self-Help - Sports)
The audience for this book is baseball coaches who coach kids ages 5-18.  These coaches are involved with community type leagues such as "Little League" and "Babe Ruth League" baseball programs.

There are approximately 3.4 million kids between the ages of 5-18 playing baseball in various community leagues in every city and state in this country.  Heading up the some 250,000+ teams are approximately 750,000+ coaches whom are responsible for helping these kids construct a solid foundation for success in baseball, yet have very little coaching skills, if any at all.

When a person, usually a father, takes on the role of coach, what experience does he have and what resources are available to help him be a successful coach?  Coaches all across the country usually rely on the same two sources for help.  One is past playing experience and the other is to read the numerous books written about such things as how to pitch better, how to hit better, how to play defense, and other how to do something better books.  There are plenty of resources for teaching the fundamentals of baseball, but what lacks are resources for how to build true championship players and teams - the part of the game that goes beyond hitting, catching, and throwing a baseball.

This book will go beyond the fundamentals of baseball and educate coaches about the heart of a championship team.  My readers will learn:
1) strategies that will enable them to construct a unified team whose heart beats as one,
2) to create a fun environment where the kids never want practice to end,
3) to create a team with such respect and honor that the kids will do whatever it takes to not disappoint the coaches or other teammates, and will support each other under any circumstance,
4) to use the parents to strengthen the team atmosphere,
5) how to use practices as a time to practice being a champion,
6) and, gaming strategies championship teams use to win games.

Playing sports often exposes young athletes to many great life lessons.  What they learn about teamwork, attitude, and self-confidence often stays with them their entire lives.  This book will be a great resource to help coaches provide the best life lesson of all...what it really takes to be a champion.

According to "Little League" and "Babe Ruth League" baseball, there are approximately 250,000+ teams between the two leagues.  Teams usually consist of at least three coaches thus putting our targeted market at 750,000+ coaches whom have no other means of obtaining the information provided in my proposed book.  By directly marketing the book to the leagues from the top of the organizations down to the local communities, marketing in baseball equipment catalogs, and at baseball schools/camps, we can fully expect to reach most of our intended market.

This book can be competitively priced between $15-$20 and do quite well against its competitors due to the interest of the How-To / Self-Help baseball market and the fact that my book will offer something no other
book has yet to offer.

Following are a few titles of my competition.  As I had mentioned, these books simply cover the fundamentals of baseball.  As can be seen from this partial list of competitive books currently on the market, the market for these types of books is strong.  Since my book will be covering a different angle than my competitors, we should expect great success in this market.
"Maximizing Baseball Practice"; John Winkin, et al
"Baseball Defensive Drills"; Rod Delmonico
"Offensive Baseball Drills"; Rod Delmonico, Tommy Lasorda  "Play Better Baseball: Winning Techniques and Strategies for Coaches and Players"; Bob Cluck
"Coaching Baseball Successfully" by Andy Lopez, John Kirkgard (Contributor)   "How to Hit/How to Pitch : A Complete Self-Coaching System for Winning
Baseball"; Bob Cluck  "Science of Coaching Baseball (Science of Coaching Series)"; Jerry Kindall(Editor)
"Coaching Pitchers"; Joe Spanky McFarland  "Baseball Coach's Survival Guide : Practical Techniques and Materials for Building an Effective Program and a Winning Team"; by Jerry Weinstein, Tom Alston

My name is Jimmie Butler, Jr. and this book will be my first published piece of work.  I have been living in Clearwater, FL for the past year and work as a Technical Consultant for a Securities Brokerage firm.  Prior to
that, I lived in Winchester, VA where I enjoyed six years of tremendous coaching success from 1990-1996.  I never had a child who was playing, I merely coached for the love of teaching kids to excel beyond their dreams.  In fact, I chose to coach over trying to pursue a playing career for myself because I knew I could help the game more by being a mentor than a struggling player.

I am qualified to write this book for a couple of reasons.  One, I was the type of community league coach I will be targeting.  I know how the leagues work, what the coaches go through, and what they need.  Secondly, I was very successful using the strategies I will provide my readers.  In my six years of coaching:
1) My teams won seventy-five percent of all games - the best Major League teams win about sixty percent
2) In my best year, I took an athletically challenged team that was expected to finish last to an 18-1 season winning both the regular season championship and the playoff championship.  We won nine games by the "10-run slaughter rule" and on seven occasions came from behind 3+ runs late in the game to win
3) We won 2 regular season championships and 1 playoff championship
4) and, was asked to coach 4 all-star teams which won sixty-five percent of their games.

The outline for this book is currently in progress and you are the seventh agency I have approached.  I will be submitting queries to other agencies over the next few weeks as I search for a mutually beneficial agency relationship.

Your review and consideration is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Jimmie Butler, Jr.
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