Press Release Magic

Have you ever wanted to generate $1,000's worth of exposure by writing and submitting your own press releases? The competition is fierce, with only the very best press releases making it to the editor�s desk, much less into the hands of the public.

There are certain rules to play by when dealing with your media contacts. Courtesies and common sense both play an important role in how they view your news. And don�t forget to take into consideration the local tone and flavor of your own community�s press.

Some media giants won�t entertain the idea of publishing local news items that do not affect the country on a whole, even if it�s the New York Times, and your soon-to-be-launched website or product is based out of New York City. But if the information is relevant enough to achieve national interest, then they will consider publishing your press release.

How can you rise above all others and make your press release gleam in the eyes of the publisher? All you need is a dash of researching skills, a pinch of creative talent, and a sprinkle of media insight, and you�ve whipped up a blue ribbon recipe for a results-oriented press release.
This extremely well-written report shows you every step of the way, with examples and cautions that help produce professional copy every time.
More than how to write, this book delivers great instruction on how to submit, how to research, format of your contribution, and ways to ensure your copy is considered first on the next issue.

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