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 One Thing
every writer craves -- is readers.

Writers wanting a cornucopia of readers can submit their work to these resources with every assurance of being read by thousands and probably even published.

You know as well as I do that readers will be skimming all over the place according to their tastes and demands. They are a fickle lot, determined to pay little and they will forget your byline long before your work is put aside.

About 2 years ago the software to start your own article directory became publicly available, for free. 

It was fairly good software too, a little hard to upload, but free.  Suddenly there was an explosion of article directories spring up all over the web.  Some of them actually did good for the authors, but most of them, never got visited by publishers, and they perished.  I had 2 of them up and they were doing well for me, the authors and the publishers, but every time I turned around the whole ball of wax melted and I'd have to start over again.  HACKERS! May they receive good for good and evil for evil all the days of their life.

Last year I weeded out over 900 directories and that left only about 300.  Here it is 2014 and more than 9 out of 10 of those remaining directories have disappeared as well.  What we have left seems to have found happy Niches to service.  They are more like magazines except that other publishers can use those articles on our own sites. Editors like these listed on this page will remember your name much longer.

You are their bread and butter, if your skills match their needs. Satisfy them once and they will look for your name again, hoping for more. Deliver just one example of poor writing or research and your name is remembered even better, but from then on it is on their black list.

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Free + Good.  This is a fun to discover and ever-changing site.  It's a great place to let your book be shown. has a list of free books DAILY list, as well as some books that remain free..

eBook Utopia.. Click on the tabs to see Deals and Steals for the main devices.

Free ebook submissions..

Look into Smashwords. You can buy books for ANY device from that site and they have a large selection of free books.

Write articles and put links to your books in the signature.

While it is nice to have the main list I've given you below, it is even nicer to put your articles only on those directories that will almost automatically get you listed on Google and/or Yahoo.  The first directory here is: Article Garden, an excellent choice for authors who want flexibility, presentation and wide exposure. Article Garden is not concerned with exclusivity and will work cooperatively with other sources to give maximum benefit to authors and users. mostly homework oriented.

You'll also want to add iSnare to your list for maximum saturation even though they take a month or so to approve your articles. 

Phantom Writers: As one of the very first companies to offer this type of service on the internet, we are well-qualified to help you get the best results with your articles.

Life Weight Loss:  The goal of this directory is to provide the information that will help you or anyone to lose weight by adopting a healthy life style, so take a look at the articles, learn something and most importantly, put the good advice into practice

Travel Article Library:  Most of our authors submit here as a result of an "invitation" process. We hand-select authors that are proven experts in their fields... and have excellent writing and teaching skills. If an article from our library impresses you (and most will) then we invite you to contact the author directly for further information and assistance. You'll find their contact information in the authors bio at the bottom of each article.  

Wellness Article Library will never waste your valuable time by accepting articles that are not worthy of your time and energy to read. We assure you of a valuable and profitable learning experience. We maintain a strict editorial process that guarantees our readers and publishers only the very top quality materials. Because of our strict quality-control we will never be the largest article directory on the internet... that is not our goal. Our commitment to you is to provide quality content that is useful, profitable, comprehensive, and credible.

Z Career Articles:  Besides career and motivational writings, there are topics and categories in many areas including a few recipes and stories.

Article City has been busy browsing the web and indexed a huge collection of articles on all manner of subjects.

Sticky Article

Newsletter editors will be searching these niche directories for timely articles written by well-informed authors. New ideas are welcome, fresh perspectives are essential. Recommendations are appreciated. Honest opinions are required.

Some book editors will be searching for stories with more lasting value to plug into their anthologies or current compilation. Other book editors will be searching for professional authors to build books from. A few will be rooting for finished work that can be published almost as it is.

Writers who want to prosper can use these suggestions from Lin Stone to improve their net worth and multiply their list of readers.

Articles and stories STILL work great.

One of my articles written three years ago is still bringing me seven hundred downloads per month. It was only published in one place.

That was my biggie, probably outgunned by many people here, but still it does my little heart good.

Dozens of my articles are STILL bringing in traffic year after year.

From the other end of the telescope, one consistent error I see writers making is being too lazy to act one-on-one after they do snag a publisher. Only the big writers will even write back to say, "I have 300, 700 or so articles on Spin a Silver Dollar, etc.. Take a look around and take what you want" That's good, but you can do better.

You can respond with: "Hey, let me look your site over and send you two or three articles I think will be just right for you."

Then, the next obvious step is to write an article special for that site that likes your writing, and offer it to other publishers second.

Point Next: When you do get a publisher's attention and send two or three more articles they should be interested in, ask for EXTRA ad space, not just your byline. To make your article even more attractive, offer a picture or illustration with it.

Any time someone writes to say your article has been accepted, ask them to CODE your byline and your extra ad space so that it is instantly tracked for you.

If someone is publishing your articles and all you get is a smattering of response, let them find your articles on their own, through places like iSnare, Phantom Writers etc.. If you discover that results are soaring from one new place for you, get in there fast and sew up your niche with more.

Point Last: Once your articles total 10,000 words or more, turn them into a book. If you've been tracking your response you can give those numbers and sales as evidence to even conventional publishers that you have a book they should be publishing.

Some extremely valuable Free software for writers is available from our software department.

If you are struggling to earn money from your writing you will want to investigate two resources, one for help in writing better, and one for learning about the best affiliate programs to make money from your efforts.

Answers About Internet Marketing:  Our goal is to provide great information about internet advertising and internet marketing.

The Article Plus Toolkit is "The Easy Way To Build Your Own Article Content Sites"  This easy to use software will automatically turn articles into complete web pages and help you generate revenues using Google Adsense. Click here for full details

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Article Bliss

Article Hangout

Article Pipeline

Article Street

Another directory of directories is Arcana.  It has substantially different listings.  Check it out.

Don't just bookmark the web pages important to you, Turn them into SweetHeart Links that TELL you every time one of them has been updated.  ANY page on the web, and as many pages as you want to keep track of can be added.  Click HERE for more information on this FREE service.

Directories that link to you for reciprocal link

I try to go from best down so that if you only do a few
they will help you the most.

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