The WordPress
Membership Management Tool

Can Be A Real Money Maker For You!

With This WordPress Plugin, You Can…

install and setup your own membership site – The WP Sales Automator was created so simple that it can be used on the first rattle out of the box.  Simply upload the zip file into the plugins directory, and use WordPress to activate it.  Then you can tailor this application to fit your own personal needs; Just tweak a few settings and you are ready to accept sales!

You now have a Simple product & subscription management tool – It Displays a quick overview of active products that you have for sale and active subscriptions. You can Easily add, edit and delete products or subscriptions with one click.

Customer management – Displays an overview of both subscriptions and product sales. Plus for all transactions both subscription and product sales, on any refunds or cancellations it will automatically deactivate access.

YOU HAVE A RECORD!  It is named the Product Sales log – The product sales page details product(s) purchased by each customer, including the transactions info, referral url so you can see exactly how they found your site (helps you identify which promotion is working and generating the most sales – very powerful!).

Subscription log – The subscriptions page, details the signup dates, duration and if it’s recurring or not.  YES, RECURRING..  You know, recurring, like setting it up so that your members pay you every month, just like clockwork.  Most writers just love knowing how much they will earn next month. 

Downloads management – All of your product sales are protected with encrypted links to hide the real location, you can also use time limited or max download counts to add extra security. Plus for any customer who needs to re-download their purchase, it’s all automated. They can easily reset and have the download link sent to their paypal email, it’s a huge customer support time saver!

Content protection - All content you want for members is protected with one click of the mouse, if a visitor does not have an active subscription they cannot access the content, it’s that simple! you have the option to select which categories are just for members and normal visitors, not only that but you can also track activity right down to specific posts and pages.

Teaser content - You can Encourage visitors to signup to your membership with teaser content, simply enter the information into the excerpt box and it will display the content on the home page, in categories and search results.  But, when the visitor then tries to access the post directory they are asked to signup with a link to subscription options.

As you read this page I hope you’re getting a good idea what WP Sales Automator does and how it can help your online business! At the basic level it helps you automate your sales and membership subscriptions, at the advanced level it does all the technical things so you don’t want or need to!

…like creating your payment buttons on the fly when adding a post or page, control the subscription secure access to specific categories, posts and pages or product sales download files and also emails the customer automatically after payment is received with the download details. You can Provide Teaser content to non-paying subscription members, protect product files with expiring download links and more.

So just to recap…

  Add as many products as you want without having to worry about the ongoing manual operations.
  Add multiple membership levels with automatic payment collection with teaser content and protection.
  Protect product files with auto expiring download links or limit how many times the link can be accessed.
  Track customer subscriptions with various transactions details, such as duration, status and more!
  Track product sales with customer IP, products purchased, referral url and more!
  Click HERE if you want to see just how much more there is!