Use Your Writing Skills To Open Up
A Proven Road To Making More Money

Most people fail to achieve real success in writing or business because they don't know how to develop and grow their potential. They don't understand that writing is mostly about learning.

Oh no, what about novels?

Yes, even novels should focus on learning. Where did this character come from? What does s/he want? How is s/he going to get it? Who is going to put up road blocks? How far will s/he go to stop the first entity?

For most people, writing is an uneasy cycle of inquiry, composition, and then numerous rewrites. These steps push an author toward the true goals of rational thinking.

Your writing cannot help but expose:

  1. how well you think,

  2. how well you organize

  3. and how well you prioritize.

You cannot escape the consequences of using sloppy thinking when you write than an engineer can when building a bridge over the Rhine.

Thank goodness, writing for money is a skill that anyone can learn. Once learned, these skills can continue pulling in revenue for the rest of your life.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

In this book, you will learn:

• All about rewrites !
• Mastering your writing style ...
• Just what is fear.
• Being clear and saying what you mean.
• Discovering your “Voice”!
• All about supporting your statement.
• Much MORE!

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