We Have Found These
Not the policy, the insurance company

You probably aren't interested in this service, but --
Have you had someone pass on, and their insurance
company that was supposed to pay for everything
Could not be found?

  Try to imagine that happening to you  
 Isn't that a horrible, terrible
feeling to experience?  

Well now, Since 1999 we have personally
helped thousands find their company --
and we have never charged anyone a cent for
anything we've done about lost insurance companies!

Let me explain this. Hundreds of life insurance companies have moved off and lost some of their policy holders.  Here is the help you need in finding the life insurance company that has lost you.

Start your search by going down the list of company names I have already found. 

Don't go worrying about some hidden fee! Our main service is absolutely FREE! We didn't even know the last 9,752 clients had visited this page.

Go through the alpha-numeric list you see starting out on the RIGHT, and the others that I have posted below -- and see if the company name isn't already there. It probably is. 

Those company names with lines under them are the ones that people come here hunting for most often.  If the name you are looking for has a line under it, just click on the link to uncover the information I have already posted.

That's right, no cost, no interview, no sign in or out. The oldest company I have found was lost in 1880.  Years after he was gone, someone found an old, tattered life insurance policy, and said:  "I wonder if anyone can track this company down?"

I try extra hard to uncover the company toll free numbers any time one is available. 

When the company name you want to find is here on this page but is not underlined that means the company information is fluid and you will need to contact me for the latest details.  

If your company is not UNDERLINED on the list to your right, or on the other pages, then we have found it once, but we will need to find it again. 

Most of them, CAN BE FOUND.  They may be found dead, moved, absorbed or liquidated, but most of them can be found and those old policies might still be just as good as gold.

Now, it might take an hour or two, sometimes even a day or two for me to respond. Please remember I'm very much like the Old Gray Mare, being at the doctor's office fairly often.

A few companies out there change their phone numbers frequently as if they didn't want to be found. One very wealthy, large company threatened me with a law suit just for listing where you might find its web site. Yeah, it was a company too big to fail, too. They gave me 10 days to remove that link from my list, or Else! 10 days!

A Section

Acacia National Life     
Alexander Hamilton of America 
All American Life Insurance,
All American Life
All States Life 
Amalgamated Life  
Amcomp Assurance Corporation
American Combined Life Insurance Company.
American Continental Life Insurance Company:
American Defender Life Insurance Company
American Fidelity Assurance
American General Life 
American Health and Life 
American Investors Life Insurance
American Life & Casualty Insurance Co.
American Life Insurance Company of New York (The)
American Life Insurance Co

American Merchants Life Ins company (formerly in Jacksonville, FL (904)358-8700

American Standard Life
American Standard Life & Accident Insurance Co.
American Travellers Life Insurance Co.,
American United Life
American Western Life
AmeriFirst Insurance Co.,
A M Life Insurance Company 
Anchor Life Insurance
Anchor National Insurance Company,
Anthem Life Insurance Co.
Anthem Alliance Health Insurance Co.
Arizona Life Insurance Co.,
Assured Security Life Insurance Co., 

Assurity Life Insurance phone: 800-869-0355

Atlantic Life
Atlas Life Insurance

B Section
Bankers Life and Casualty Company:
Bankers Service Life
Beneficial National
Beneficial Standard Life
Benefit Association of Railway Employees
Benefit Trust Life Insurance Company
Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America 
Bradford National Life Insurance Company


At various times there were FOUR  carriers by the name of Charter Security Life Insurance Company. Please try to tell me when your policy was first issued.

C Section
California Pacific Life Insurance Company
Capitol American Life Insurance Co.
Caterpillar Insurance Company
Celtic Insurance Company:
Celtic Life Insurance Company
Centennial Insurance Company
Centennial Life Insurance
Central Kentucky Insurance:
Central Life Assurance Co
Central Life Insurance Company of Illinois
Central National Life Insurance Company of Omaha, The:
Central Security Life Insurance Company 2185
Centris Life Insurance Company
Champions Life Insurance Company:  
Charter Life (this was liquidated in 1996, but we have recently discovered evidence there are still funds left)
Charter National Life Insurance:
Charter National Life Insurance Company

Christian Fidelity:
Christian Foundation Life
Chrysler Life Insurance Co.
Chubb Colonial Life Insurance Co.
Chubb Life Insurance Co. of America,
Clarica Life Insurance Company-U.S.
C.M. Life Insurance Co.
Colonia Life Insurance Co.
Colonial Heritage
Colonial Life Insurance Company of America (The)
Colonial Penn Group
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Co.
Colonial Security Life
Comprehensive Health Services of Texas Inc.
Concordia Life Insurance Co.
Connecticut Mutual Life
Connecticut National Life:
Connecticut National Life Insurance Co.,
Connecticut National Life Insurance Company,
Continental American Life
Continental Life Insurance Co.
Continental Life Insurance Co. of Brentwood, Tennessee
Continental Security Life
Continental Western Life Insurance Company
Connecticut National Life Insurance Company,
Covenant Life Insurance Company
CUNA Mutual Life


D Section

Diamond Benefits Life 
Durham Life Insurance Co

E Section
Eastern American Life Insurance
Empire Fire and Marine Insurance Company:
Empire General Life Assurance Corporation
Empire Insurance
Empire Life
Equitable Life Insurance Soc:
Equitable Variable Life Ins
Equity National Life Insurance company
Executive Fund Life Insurance 
Executive Life Insurance 

F Section
Family Financial Life Insurance Co.
Family Life Insurance
Family Service Life is a variation of the company still doing business as PAFCO
Family Service Life Insurance Company is still doing business as PAFCO.
Farm & Home Insurance
Farm and Home Life Insurance Company
Farmers and Bankers Life
Farmers Life 
Farmers New World Life Insurance Company
Farmers Union Mutual 
Federated Investors Life Insurance Company
Fidelity Life Association,
Fidelity Mutual Life Ins Co
Fidelity Standard Life Insurance Company
Fidelity Union Life:
Field Enterprises Educ Ins Co
First Alexander Hamilton Life
First Colonial Insurance Co
Forethought Life Assurance Co.
Franklin Life Insurance Company (The) 

http://www.thefranklin.com/ You might have better luck collecting from:
1 Franklin Square   Springfield IL 62713-0001   Office Number:  (217)528-2011
Toll Free Number:  (800)528-2011
Fax Number:  (217)747-4331

Franklin National Insurance:


G Section
General United Life 
George Washington Life Ins Co has thrown its last dollar across the Delaware 
Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company 
Globe American Casualty Company
Globe Life & Accident Ins Co:
Globe Life Insurance

Grand Lodge of the Ancient Order of United Workmen of the State of Minnesota by the Pioneer Insurance Order of America.  Originally organized in 1877 and last heard of in 1953.. I regret to say we have been officially notified that this one is gone and all funds for it are gone.

Great American Life Insurance
Great Insurance Roundup Company
Great American Reserve Ins:
Greater Mississippi Life Ins. Co.,
Great Northern Life Insurance Company
Great Southern Life Insurance:
Guarantee Protective Life 
Guarantee Reserve Life Insurance:
Guardian Insurance & Annuity Company, Inc. (The) 
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (The) 
Gulf Life Insurance Co

HCC Life Insurance Company:
Healthsource Insurance Company 
Home Beneficial Insurance  is part of AGLA.

Home Life Insurance Co:
The Home Life Insurance Company of America
Home Security Life Insurance:
Home State Life
Humana Insurance

I Section
Illinois National Insurance Company:

Imperial Life
Independence Life and Annuity Company:
Independent Life & Accident Co:

THE Independent Life and Accident Insurance Company is now part of AGLA.

Industrial Life Insurance Company
Insurance Company of North America:
Integon Life Insurance
Integral Insurance Company
Investors Guaranty Life Insurance Company:
Investors Life Insurance Co

J Section
Jackson National Life
Jefferson National Life Ins Co

Jefferson Pilot Life, Jefferson Pilot is a holding company (NYSE: JP - News).  It is one of the nation's largest shareholder-owned life insurance companies.  It has never been lost -- but lots of people come here hunting for it.  The people I personally send there to resolve an issue on some company Jefferson Pilot has absorbed.  They are usually angry and upset when they call.   Unfailingly the reports I get back after the call are glowing with faith in Jefferson Pilot and almost exultant satisfaction with the results of their contact.  I admire any company able to take an angry complaint  and turn it into a testimonial endorsement of good service rendered!   

Jefferson Pilot Securities Corp,
Jefferson Standard Life


K Section  

Kentucky Central Life

Kansas Life
Kentucky Home Mutual Life
Keyport Benefit Life Insurance Co
Keyport Life Insurance
Keystone Insurance Co.
Knights Life Insurance Company


L Section 
Liberty Life:
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company:
Life & Casualty Insurance Co:
Life & Casualty of Tennessee:
Life & Health Insurance Company of America seems to have dwindled away in disbelief.
Life Insurance Company of Georgia
Life Insurance Company of North America:
Life Insurance Company of Virginia 
Life Investors Insurance Company of America
Lifetime Security Life insurance Company
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company:
Lincoln Income Life
Lincoln Liberty Life
Lincoln Memorial Life 
Lincoln Mutual Life & Casualty Insurance Co.
Loyal American Life Insurance Company 
Lutheran Mutual Life Insurance Company,
Lutheran Mutual Aid Society


M Section
Maccabees Life Insurance: or Maccabees Mutual Life Insurance
Maine Fidelity Life Insurance 
Mamsi Life and Health Insurance Company 
ManagedComp has been dissolved.  Click HERE for more information.

Marquette National Life Insurance Company:
Massachusetts General Life Insurance Company
Massachusetts Indemnity and Life Insurance Company 
Massachusetts Indemnity Insurance Company 
Massachusetts Mutual Life
MassMutual of Springfield, MA.
MassMutual Financial Group
Maxicare filed for Chapter 11 under the United States Bankruptcy Code on May 25, 2001.  The Company closed for business on December 31, 2001 and as of November 1, 2002 ceased all operations except for final execution of its bankruptcy distribution/liquidation plan.  Maxicare is no longer able to accept, process or research HMO medical claims or appeals from providers. All claims files are now closed and many of the records of the Company are no longer accessible.  No appeals of earlier payment amounts will be accepted.  Any additional information sent to Maxicare to support a previously submitted claim will be returned.  The Company’s only remaining activity will be making payment to creditors for Proofs of Claim submitted on or before November 30, 2001 for services rendered prior to May 25, 2001.

Merit Life Insurance Co.
Metlife Investors USA 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company:
Midland Life 
Mid-West National Life
Minnesota Protective Life Company
Missouri Commonwealth Life

Montgomery Ward Insurance Company

Mutual Benefit Life Assurance Corporation,
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance
Mutual Insurance Co
Mutual Savings Life Insurance 
Mutual Savings Life Ins. Co.
Mutual Security Life Insurance


N Section
National Benefit Life Insurance
National Central Life
National Fidelity Life
National Foundation Life Insurance Co.
National Health Insurance Company:
National Heritage Insurance Company
National Heritage Life
National Home Life Assurance Company
(The) National Life & Accident Ins:
National Old Line Insurance Company
National Reserve Life,
National Savings Life Ins Co
National Security Fire & Casualty:
National Central Life  just found.
National Standard Life:
National Trust
On December 31, 2003, the Natural Health Union ceased operations. We regret that we are unable to continue to represent and provide benefits for the employees of those companies that had contracts with the Union and for those workers who may be seeking representation.

I have resumed my prior business of providing benefits for alternative medicine and natural therapies (see www.AlternativeInsurance.com for more information).

Network Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc.
New England Life Insurance Company 
New England Mutual Life
New World Life Insurance Company
New York Life Insurance Company:
North American Company for Life and Health Insurance

North American Equitable Life Assurance Company is thought to be completely out of business. Last known address is: P. O. Box 625 Columbus, OH 43216 No phone.  The ODI toll free phone number is: 1-800-686-1526

North American Life and Casualty Company

North American Life of Chicago  (Note, the policies we've had to work from were written in Italian)

North Central Life Insurance
Northern National Life Insurance Co.
Northwest Life Assurance
North West Life Assurance Company of Canada (The)
North West Life Assurance Co
Northwestern National Life

O Section
Occidental Life Insurance
Old Insurance Roundup Company:
Old American Life Insurance Co:
Old Line Life
Old Reliable Casualty Company
Old Reliable Fire Insurance Company
Old Reliable Life Insurance Company or Old Republic Life
Old Security Casualty Insurance Co

Old Security Life

Old United Life Insurance Company
Old West Annuity & Life Insurance Co.
Oxford Life Insurance Company:
Ozark Benefit

Pacific Fidelity Assurance Co
Pacific Fidelity Life Insurance Company

Pafco Life Insurance Company Yes, strange but true, there are people that don't know where this company is.  Truth is, we liked to never found it ourselves and they aren't even trying to hide! Try FAMILY SERVICE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY
800-992-4767 And if your policy still says PAFCO, ask them to update that for you, it's safer that way.

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance:
Pan-American Assurance Company:
Pan-American Life Insurance Company:
Park Avenue Life Insurance Company
Partnerre Life Insurance Company Of The U.S.
Patriot Life & Casualty Inc
Paul Revere-Provident:
Peninsular Life Insurance Company   
Pennsylvania Life Insurance Company 
Peoples Benefit Life Insurance Company:
I mention the first one because there is also a second company, same name..
People's Benefit Life Insurance company 

People's Life Insurance

Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company
Philadelphia Life Insurance Company
Philadelphia United Life
Phoenix Life 
Phoenix National Insurance Co.
Pierce National  or Pierce National Life 
Pilgrim National Life
Pilot Life
Pioneer Life Insurance Company
PLI Delaware L Ins Co
Polaris Group
Polish Women's Alliance of America
Principal Life Insurance Company
Protective Life & Annuity Insurance Co.
Protective Life Insurance
Provident American Life & Health Insurance Company
Provident Life & Accident Ins
Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company
Providian Life and Health Insurance

Visit  some  of our other helpful  Sections

Reassure America
Reassure America Life Insurance Company
Reliable Life Insurance Co
Reliable Life Insurance Company (The):

Reliance Life Insurance Company
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
ReliaStar Life and ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York
Renaissance Life Insurance

Reserve Life Insurance Company
Resource Life Insurance Company
Royal Life Insurance Company of America
Royal Maccabees Life 

S Section
Safeco Insurance Company of Pennsylvania:
Safeguard Insurance Company
Safe Mate Life Insurance
Sage Life Assurance of America, Inc.
Seaboard Life Insurance Company
Sears Life Insurance Company
Sears National Bank 
Security Assurance Company 
Security Benefit Life 
Security Life
Selective Insurance Company
Sentinel Life Insurance Company
Southern Educators Life
Southwestern Life
Sovereign Life
Standard Life Insurance Company
State Life Insurance Company
State Mutual Life
State Mutual Life Assurance Company of America
States General Life Insurance
Stonebridge Life Insurance Company
SunAmerica Life Insurance Company
Sun Life
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (U.S.)


Texas Security Mutual
Thomas Jefferson Insurance Company
Time Insurance Company
Title Guarantee Company
TMG Life Insurance Company
Transamerica Life Insurance Company
Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company 
Trans Union Life
Trinity Universal Insurance
Trustmark Insurance Company

U Section
Union Fidelity Life Insurance
Union Life Insurance Company
Union Pacific Life Insurance
United American Life Insurance Company 
United Ancient Order of Workmen
United Benefit Life
United Equitable Insurance Company
United Family Life Insurance
United Family Life Insurance Company
United Fidelity Life Insurance Company,

United Founders Life (or National Life)
United Insurance Company of America
United Liberty Life.

United National Life Insurance Company

United Pacific Life Insurance Company 
United Presidential Life
United Security Life 
United Services Life Insurance
United States Life Insurance Company
United Teacher Associates
United World Insurance Company

United World Life Insurance Company

Universal Life Insurance Company
Unity Mutual Life Insurance Company

V Section
Valley Forge Life
Vasa Life Ins Co
Veterans Life Insurance Company
Victory Life Insurance Company
Volunteer State Life.


W Section
Wabash Life
Washington National
Westbridge Capital Corp,
Western American Life Insurance Company
Western Diversified Life Insurance Company 
Western Fidelity Life 
Western Mutual Life 
Western National Life Insurance Company
Western Natl Life Ins of Texas
Western Pioneer Life 
Western Reserve Life Assurance Co
Western-southern Life Assurance Company
Western States Life Insurance Company
Westfield Life Insurance Company

Wilton Reassurance Life 
Winterthur Life Re Insurance Company

Wisconsin National Life insurance Company is now covered by Protective Life in Burmingham AL Phone: 800-866-9933

Woodmen Accidental & Life Company (Lincoln, Nebraska) is now part of Assurity Life Insurance phone: 800-869-0355 
World Book Life Insurance Company 
World Insurance Company 
World Service Life 
World Service Life Insurance Company of Texas 

If you have any questions

Write Or Call

There is no way to predict how a death in the family
will affect you.  I watched my father get cut off life
support and struggle to die, and it was an almost spiritual event.
I watched my mother dwindle away for months in
my home. Her death should have been a relief;
instead, losing her tore me to pieces. 
Click HERE for help in dealing with your loss.


I first learned about this lost insurance company problem when my father diedIt came as a rude shock that his burial insurance policy could not be found, nor the company located that we thought he had used. Then (with only a few days to spare before all the money for Daddy's final arrangements came out of my empty pocket) we discovered not one life insurance policy, but FOUR!

Unfortunately, none of those life insurance companies were still located at their original address.  I had to find them, dig them up -- and because I am so good at finding things, that search only required a few days.

But all 4 of those insurance companies VOLUNTEERED to wire the money directly into the account of the mortuary in a process called "assignment."  All we had to do was fax a copy of the death certificate to their offices -- and the mortuary took care of that for us, on the spot. We even got cash back.

Consequently, I put up this page and put up the addresses of those first four companies.  You have to remember this was before 1999 and everything you did on the Web was new and different. Nobody have ever wanted any of those names, but I was deluged with requests for help in finding other companies! 

1 by 1 I did find all those companies on the long list to your right.    One company at a time, I have tracked down the changes in hundreds of life insurance company names and entities so that people in similarly dire straits could get paid -- or at least find out if they had any funds coming. 

Now, many people these days are justifiably suspicious of Free Help. I know I am. So, let me disclose my hidden agenda; My Church asks us to make a visible effort to do something good in the world.  This is just one of my contributions, and my wife helps me. I have also cleaned up after 3 major tornadoes, several minor tornadoes, 2 major ice storms, built a pole barn for 2 old horses, and packed hundreds of boxes of foodstuffs for the poor and hungry, plus we are currently helping 3 people get a better education. 

Just to keep the record straight, the more we do for free, the more blessed we are by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Church is not perfect, it uses imperfect people (like me) to perform miracles, but it sure feels great to be a member and work in an organized work party that starts with prayer and ends with a prayer of gratitude for the help we were able to give.


World Book Education Insurance

World Book Life Insurance  Both these are now owned by the same wonderful company.
World Insurance Company
World Service Life Insurance Company of America

If you FIND the company's name, even if you can't find the policy,
you will need the policy owner's social security number and date of birth,
and a death certificate, but that is probably all you'll ever be asked for. 

So don't give up if that's all you can find.