Kindle Books
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 Authors can be paid up to 70% royalties on the sale of their books on Amazon books by Amazon Dot Com. 

Unless your book looks half-way decent in the Kindle device, a high volume of sales is most unlikely.  BrowzerBooks will convert your G-rated book to the Kindle Format for just $99.79 --- a basic cover for your book is included in that investment figure.

Your published book will bear the BrowzerBooks Publishing imprint on the spine and a "publisher's" page will be added to the end of your book.  The "publisher's page will show links to 12 other books that have been published in this manner.

A link to your book will be promoted from the publisher's page of subsequently published books in order at no extra charge to you.

 Your original manuscript can be submitted to BrowzerBooks in TEXT, Open Office or Word.  When your books are submitted in any other format, an extra conversion fee is incurred.