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Freelancing For Fireballs

Freelancing takes more than wishing. You must have what it takes to join this ever-growing world of self employed freelancers. You need to know the benefits and the drawbacks of working for yourself on a per client basis. The Successful Freelancer will tell you that turning their back on the office was the best thing they ever could have done -- while others that aren't so successful will tell you that they could not wait for each of their freelance projects to be over because they simply could not stand the stress of their assignments.

Which side are you on?

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We always lead off with the benefits. The moment you decide to become a freelancer, everyone you talk to will try to talk you out of such a rash decision. With a few benefits hiding beneath your tongue, perhaps you can face them a little bit better. Head them off at the pass!

Benefit #1: From now on the only orders you will have to take is for more business. You are in control of how you work, and what your schedule will be. If you prefer to sleep in until noon, so be it. If you want to get up and get with it at 4:00 AM., If you want to skip Fridays – you have that right! By virtue of being your own boss, you really have the freedom to steer your life where you want it to go. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

It gets even better. You get to plan your own schedules, choose the projects that you find enjoyable, charge any rate you please, and be almost totally self sufficient – a major bonus of being a freelancer for many people looking to escape the daily grind.

Benefit #2: Another of the big benefits you will always hear envious people talking about when it comes to freelancing is that you can set your own dress code. If you find all of your freelance work online, who cares if you just hang around in your pajamas or underwear all day long? There's no sense in getting all dressed up when you can just climb out of bed, open your eyes over a home cooked breakfast and open the window so you can hear all that traffic rushing off to work they hate. Lean back, enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee, watch the news for a few minutes and then plop yourself down at your computer, throw your shoulders back, your head up, and decide which project you want to start your workday on.

Freelancing gives you the ability to work in your own style and in total comfort no matter who or what you are doing work for.

By working freelance you can also spend a lot more time with your family and friends.

Because you do not have to go to work on a strict schedule, you can spend time with your children when they get home from school and with your friends and your spouse whenever they have off work.

The flexibility of having a freelance career is second to none and there is practically no other job in the world that gives you both the spare time and the financial freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

Finally, with freelancing you have a near limitless income potential. Because you work for yourself, you get to keep all of what you earn. Not a penny goes to anyone else (aside from the government in the form of taxes).

All of the profits belong to you so you get to spend it how you please. Furthermore, because you work on a per project basis, you can accept as many projects as you want to earn as much money as you see fit.

Start Your Schedule Out RIGHT!


Every benefit that you saw is also a drawback.  Every benefit has to be earned with your success.  The predominant drawback is that you are not as financially stable as you are when you were working for someone else.  That should be a lesson to you right there. The MAIN DIFFERENCE between success and failure is not talent, is not skill.. it is the ability to manage your money.

My boy can lay 3 times as many bricks per hour than other professionals in his field.  Yet, time after time his career has gone kerplunk for no other reason than a lack of good money management.  That link in the paragraph just above this one will provide you with various books on how to budget your money.  Grab them now and learn how to apply those rules and guidelines that will apply to your field.

There is one other characteristic that distinguishes the truly successful, the ones that reach old age with their vitals still intact. That is the ability to manage their time. Managing your time, or managing your money, both of these can be turned over to your spouse IF you trust them with every cent you will EVER make.

Freelancing – the 21st Century
Way of Making a Living

When you think of freelancing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You probably think of a writer, novelist or journalist right off hand.

That is primarily because for centuries, the only real job you could have as a freelancer had to do with your mastery of the written word.

But we are not still stuck back in the early nineteen hundreds – no we are in the twenty first century, a time that appreciates freelancers in hundreds of different jobs.

Sure, you have probably heard of freelance photographers too, you may have even met one or two in your life, but what about freelance software designers, freelance medical billing specialists, or even freelance scientific researchers?

These are all jobs that have recently begun to see massive growth in their respective fields because more and more people are realizing that they can make far more money working for themselves as freelancers than they ever could solely from working under the wing of their previous employer.

So it sounds pretty good doesn’t it? You work in some field for quite a few years, get a lot of practical experience in your chosen area of employment and then gradually make the switch from working the nine to five to becoming your own boss as a freelancer.

There is also heavy competition in the world of freelancing to consider. The Internet has been both a blessing and a curse to freelancers from around the world. On one hand it has opened the doors to make the world of freelancing much more accessible to anyone who has ever thought about setting out on their own and becoming their own boss. On the other hand though, the Internet makes it very easy for freelancers to get in touch with potential clients and possibly steal jobs right out from under you.

Come back in a day or so and I'll finish this up for you.

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