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To Be A Comedian?

by Lin Stone

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What style of comedy would you perform best?

With the increasing volume of problems and economic crunches bearing impact on a greater number of people worldwide, it is no wonder why there are more comedians rising up these days than there are dramatic actors and other kinds of entertainers.

People are recognizing the importance of having a good laugh amid the problems that hound them every day. Thus, there are more and more entertainers who aim to get the attention of the entertainment market by becoming comedians.

Getting involved in comedy productions is really a tough task, especially nowadays when the audience is getting pretty well jaded of the usual antics and slapstick comedy. They have been there, heard that.

It is imperative for a comedian to have the genuine talent of cracking humor and of mastering comic timing in the execution of jokes and other comedy acts to be able to tickle the senses of audience.

When watching comedians at play on stage, in movies or in television, you might have the impression that becoming a comedian is relatively a lucrative form of earning, as it is very easy. Indeed, it is lucrative, but the assertion that it is easy is very much debatable.

Entertainment experts always emphasize that it is much easier to make audiences cry than to make them have a really good laugh. Take note that comedians require much more time in preparations compared to singers and dramatic actors.


There are thousands of comedians who attempt to set their careers on fire in different comedy platforms, but only a few really make it big.

To be effective, take note of the demographics and general characteristics of your audience. Be sure not to be offensive to some audiences. You could do so by avoiding sexist and anti-religion and cultural jokes.

To use black comedy, you should have the guts to devise jokes involving tragedies and serious situations like war, sickness, plague, murder, suicides and others. There are several people, and some of them may unfortunately be among your audience, who find such antics distasteful and offensive.

Right now several comedians are making fun of President Bush, Bin Laden and other political figures. If you want to come up with similar antics, then you are getting into another style of comedy known as satire. Usually, satires don't just ridicule political figures. They also invoke a political statement, usually disagreement with a political concept.

When the audiences are too technical, like engineers, doctors and scientists, you should pull out jokes that involve jargons and technical terms involved in their professions. This style of comedy is referred to as adage. Because such comedy is not for general consumption, cracking them to a generalized audience would not be wise.

Parody is that popular comedy style when you want to make a spoof of a popular work of another artist. For example, the movie "Scary Movie" is a parody of several other Hollywood movies. This style of comedy is sure to make people laugh, but it is essential that the audience is familiar with the work you are making a spoof of, or they won't understand or appreciate your jokes.

Irony is one comedy style that needs an intensive script that should be religiously followed. In this style, the audience will only laugh at a situation where the comedian plots an activity or end result but ends up having unplanned situations. TV Sitcoms are full of ironies.

If all else fails, your last resort would be alternative comedy. Alternative comedy relies on antics, slapstick and many other physical and verbal tricks to tickle the audience.

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Finding Comedy Classes/Coaches

You might be amazed to know that the successful Hollywood comedians have their own coaches. Actually, comedians rely on coaches for their acts to be constantly interesting and their antics always funny and interesting.

Professional comedians would certainly assert how important it is that their comedy materials and antics be constantly updated so the audience doesn't grow tired and weary of them.

It isn't enough that a comedian gets the grasp of what he actually presents and his own comedy styles and antics. There has to be another individual who should make comments and suggestions on how the presentation may be better executed.

That is why it is imperative for aspiring comedians to hire a comedy coach or enroll in a comedy class before finally attempting to hit it big in the entertainment industry.

There are thousands of aspiring comedians out there. But definitely, only a few have the opportunity to make it big and acquire staying power. Comedians come and go and those who last are those who constantly undergo evolution.

Even veteran and seasoned comedians recognize the need to attend comedy classes or have sessions with personal coaches. As a performer, they know how much burden and expectation is put on their shoulders.

To ventilate whatever pressure they have in relation to the comedy performance, it is advised that comedians get a support group, in the form of classes or personal sessions with coaches, that can serve as an outlets for any emotional or mental stress.

Suggestions from comedy authorities and experienced coaches also help a comedian develop that much needed staying power to survive the entertainment scene.

Comedy classes

There are a number of acting workshops that are offered to aspiring actors. Take note that several of these workshops are specifically allotted to comedians and would-be-comedians. In these classes, there is an instructor who would offer basic techniques in pulling out an antic.

The comedy students are also given the opportunity to criticize and applaud the comedy acts and materials of their classmates. Instructors for such classes are usually veteran comedians themselves, so the students would find them credible to talk about craft honing.

However, take note that comedy classes aren't administered for free. Like many other types of classes, students of comedy classes are charged premium fees. Classes are also formalized, and so a student must adhere to classroom rules and schedules.

Comedy coaches

There are several comedy coaches that offer services to aspiring and even seasoned comedians. Like singers, for example, who have voice coaches throughout the duration of their careers, comedians also must establish that kind of relationship with a coach.

However, be reminded that comedy coaches won't teach you how to pull out a joke or make people laugh. It is assumed that before you decided to pursue the career path, you already have the talent to induce laughter among audiences.

Comedy coaches will only give guidance about how you would fare better and assist you in developing the skill you already have to use proper timing executing jokes and antics.

Comments, suggestions and even criticisms are necessary and should be taken as constructive opinions that would help you improve your talents. That is the main reason to use a comedy coach.

The coach makes sure that a material fits you, or that the material isn't outdated. People easily get tired of the usual 'tried and tested' comedy formula. Personal sessions with a coach would facilitate for that.

How to find a class or a coach

There are entertainment institutions and seasoned performers who offer workshops and personal services to comedians and would-be-comedians.

To find your coach, log on to the Internet, type keywords and your area, and ‘voila, you will soon have a list of institutions and professionals who offer regular comedy classes and coaching sessions.

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