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Marketing is about creativity and figuring out new and exciting ways to get your message across. Internet Marketing is constantly evolving but if there is one thing that you need to know, it is marketing.  

The basic principles of marketing remain the same, however, Internet provides so many different channels which your company can express itself through and with that some people already consider Internet a whole different discipline. So many more changes are coming that it will soon be true.  

The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you must have a finger in every bowl.  The truth is, some of those bowls will be worthless to your company, and some will even be detrimental to your success. This book reveals a unified method of learning which bowls will speed your success, and which bowls will throw your company into reverse!

The book is free because the author didn’t take the time or make the effort to edit the book for grammatical errors.  Don’t make the mistake of judging too quickly.  I believe the value of this book lies in the quality of its content.  Read a few chapters and decide for yourself what values there are for you.

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