Don't Be Buried Alive

You don't have to settle for blocking spam. Now you can eliminate it. You can eliminate spam completely. 

Are you being buried alive with spam? Do you get hundreds -- even thousands -- of emails every day that you don't want, don't need, and certainly don't want your kids reading by accident? 

Spam, porin, and just plain JUNK MAIL can now be eliminated completely. If all you want is mail from the family, you can eliminate everything except mail from the family. Do you do business over the web? Eliminate the junk mail, concentrate on the orders, answer the legitimate questions, chat with suppliers. 

Now there's a brand new way to communicate on the web. You can have your own private messenger service. You can chat with your friends and get answers to your questions. You can access newsletters and web pages -- you can have them delivered right to your desktop and any time you get disgusted, you can cancel out without telling anybody. Your communications will be unaltered, and media-rich.

With this new service you can access your favorite newsletters, keep up with new medical developments, learn to protect yourself, your family, your home, your vehicles, discover all the new books that are being publishing, get in on the special travel deals we publish, and select only the subjects you are REALLY interested in.

Best of all, this new program is free of ALL adware, spyware, junkware or any 'behind the scenes' programs of any kind.
It is safe for your computer, and it can protect you from spam too. It is a simple desktop application that allows you to safely read only the messages you are really interested in, and do so anonymously while still experiencing the media rich qualities you enjoy with your web browser. A simple click and you will be viewing those fresh, new web pages in a browser-like window, and be able to communicate directly with your family, friends and publishers leave your comments and questions for a rapid reply. 

Think of this new service like a cable box with a built-in VCR. As soon as new messages are sent it is delivered right to your desktop. No waiting, no more lost information due to ISPs filtering the mail you really want to receive, no stripping of graphics or attached files, no interference from anyone. It is a direct line to those you love and want to hear from. Read your messages any time you want to, save them for as long as you need to.
Check out this brand new kind of service. 
Click on this link RIGHT NOW.

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