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That's right.  Leave A Legacy -- Be Your Own Banker! Money you are already spending can make you rich, provide a stable income over your whole lifetime, and still leave millions of dollars for your heirs.

Think about how much you are paying banks right now.  They are charging you as much as 12% interest to loan money to you.  Then there are those obnoxious $25 Overdraft Fees.  Wouldn't that money feel better if it stayed in YOUR pocket instead of theirs?  

Then take a look at the fine print on your Credit Card agreements.  Can you believe some are costing you as much as 27.5% interest?  That is incredible! And if you are ever late with a payment?  Another $25 is slapped upside your head to whip you back into line.  Well, why not issue your own credit cards and collect that interest from everyone in your family? 

It is common knowledge there are only two ways to improve your economic situation.  #1, earn more money, and #2, spend less money.  

This bottomless banking concept reveals a third way, and several other strategies as well.  

I invite you to tune your friends out for a moment.  Let Nelson Nash help you discover the road to Infinite Wealth, using money you are already spending.  

His Book, 
Becoming Your Own Banker 
will show you how it is done.


You can MAKE money from the money you are already spending. Nash reveals Simple Secrets anyone can understand -- Important secrets that, had you known them, would have made your life much simpler and much more profitable in good times or bad.  

Indeed, using these secrets will put you way ahead of the crowd when those inevitable bad  times ahead do get here.

Becoming Your Own Banker  
is guaranteed to reveal these secrets that have been kept from you all these years because of the mindset that is predominant in the financial world.

Now, PLEASE NOTE:  If you are hoping for some pie-in-the-sky get-rich-quick plan to make you a fortune without effort, you might as well pass on this offer and let someone else take your money.  "Banker" shows you how to use the money you are ALREADY earning.  It does not replace an honest effort to make a living; but it does magnify the living you are making.

Nor is this some brazen scheme hovering on the edge of legality.  The secrets and systems inside won't work, unless you do.  It is a way of life, carefully explained so that you can use immediately to get on the right road, and stay there until you reach your goals. 

This I will tell you, I have never seen a better plan for magnifying every financial effort I make, a dozen fold. That adds up, real quick.

* * * * *
* * *

Here are just a few of the secrets you will learn:


How To Create Your Own Banking System
so YOU really do get paid FIRST!

$Five Methods of Financing Automobiles

How To Design an Insurance Plan 
that Solves the Banking Function

$Potential Sources of Capital most people overlook!

Playing The "Cash Flow" Game

$The Cost of Acquisition, and how to use it to YOUR advantage.

Retirement Funds that MAKE MORE MONEY

These financial blueprints can open up a whole new world for you and for those you care about.

Discover for yourself how to use these important secrets to make money for the rest of your life from money you are already spending.



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