Conquering Violence from Within
2000 by Joseph A. Kinney

is geared to provoke a national debate on how best to reduce the painful affliction of violence.  It is based upon the insights of what many experts believe to be one of the nation’s most creative and thoughtful minds on this important topic and proposes far reaching solutions designed to focus concerted action on the nemesis.

Even with reduced rates, the United States is still substantially more violent, by any measure, than any other civilized nation in the world.

A safer society will only come about through enlightened action by individuals and communities.  The seeds of this exist, as will be documented by this book.  Recently, we began to see collective action in programs such as "America's most Wanted" and groups such as the Polly Klaus Foundation and The National Victims' Center.

Increasingly, these groups are setting the public agenda and changing how America deals with violence. 

Conquering Violence From Within is not only diagnostic, but salutes activism and provides a broader manifesto for further action.  By being both informative and empowering, this book will go beyond any existing singular discourse on violence available in America today and could, potentially affect the next President and our nation for years to come.

CONQUERING VIOLENCE FROM WITHIN by Joseph A. Kinney, will be the definitive book on violence in America, carefully analyzing this problem in an informative and entertaining fashion and, more importantly, providing a manifesto to successfully assail this national menace.

To this date, no author has woven a mosaic of violence in our lives, and given us an agenda for reducing this threat.

Violence is an issue that alarms and intrigues most Americans.  While we can understand some forms of violence (e.g., robbery or politically motivated terrorism) the seemingly random killing that has become increasingly pervasive in our lives terrifies.  Unfortunately, those who work on violence have given us insight into only small parts of this problem. Harvest of Rage An investigative journalist and editor of the "Boulder Weekly" presents an expose of today's growing antigovernment movement and the connection between the farm crisis of the 1980s and the massive buildup of militia groups in the United States. "Harvest of Rage" also exposes the underlying economic policies that helped trigger the current heartland revolt.
Mr. Kinney is a member of the Homicide Research Working Group, and is active in researching issues relating to homicide and violence.  The winner of four national awards for research and advocacy.  He holds graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Syracuse University, and was decorated for valor as a U.S. Marine rifleman in Vietnam.   The Gift of Fear  Each hour, 75 women are raped in the United States, and every few seconds, a woman is beaten. Each day, 400 Americans suffer shooting injuries, and another 1,100 face criminals armed with guns.
Joseph A. Kinney is a nationally prominent consultant, lecturer, and author on issues related to violent behavior.  His work was recently highlighted in a page-one Los Angeles Times story. Guilty by Reason of Insanity  "We met no Jimmy Cagneys or Robert Mitchums among the inmates in the prisons we visited. We found ourselves, rather, in the company of a pathetic crew of intellectually limited, dysfunctional, half-mad, occasionally explosive losers. Long before these men wound up on death row, their similarly limited, primitive, impulsive parents had raised them in the only fashion they knew....

He wrote VIOLENCE AT WORK (published by Simon & Schuster/Prentice Hall), and opinion pieces for The New York Times, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA today, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, and others. 

Mr. Kinney has appeared on many television programs, including Oprah, CNN's Larry King Live, etc., 

A former senior aide with the U.S. Senate and National Governors' Association, Mr. Kinney has lectured widely, being featured by organizations such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police, National Manufacturers Association, Investigative Reporters and Editors, etc.

"I have been an expert witness in numerous cases involving homicide, rape, and other forms of violence.

Journey into Darkness by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, (Scribner)  contains several passages of interest: a detailed discussion of the modus operandi versus the "signature" of a murder, and how each relates to motive; thoughts on how the press and the public can be used to flush out a killer; etc.

I know You Really Love Me  As a psychiatrist, Orion has fascinating insights into the condition that causes some people to obsess inappropriately over others. She also describes compellingly the feelings of helplessness and fear that stalking causes its victims--but always with the compassion and understanding of someone who works with the mentally ill.

Violence in America

We can no longer leave it all to the police and criminal justice systems that are over-taxed, and often unable to respond to many situations.  If we each do our part the system will respond and, as a result, our lives will be much safer.   Long term change will come through strategic choices, including new educational strategies in our schools, enlightened control of weapons, and a media that also provides positive models for cooperation rather than confrontation.  There are reasons for hope; there is a path to a safer and more secure future for our country.


Testimonials for

Conquering Violence from Within

and Joseph A. Kinney


After years of leading a selfless and solitary crusade to make the American workplace safer, Joseph Kinney turned his remarkable skills to addressing violence and what should be done to address this problem. With the same keen intellect and gift for penetrating analysis, he provides both a rich understanding and provocative prescription, which will make this a welcome book in America.


Michael G. Wagner

Former Investigative Editor

The Los Angeles Times




During the later part of my career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I came to rely on the judgment and insights of Joseph Kinney in addressing some of the most critical threats faced by our nation.  He has been especially prescient on domestic terrorism and non-robbery violence, helping driving these issues to the top of the national agenda.  This book provides prudent advice on serious problems that will save countless lives.


Dan Vogel

Special Agent (ret.)

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Oklahoma City



This book is meant as a wake-up call in many ways and comes from a most able source.  Joseph Kinney worked for a Vice President and the nation’s governors ––with distinction–– before embarking on a career contributing to the security and safety of Americans.  We all owe him a keen debt for his contributions.


Hon. Paul Simon

United States Senate



Violence remains a real menace in spite of the appearance of progress.  As we learn in this book, there is more to do and we can all help with this effort.  Joseph Kinney has earned our gratitude for telling it like it is with his often brutally frank and courageous analysis of important problems.


Jane Daugherty

Pulitzer Prize Nominee

The Detroit News



Joseph Kinney has been a probing advocate for health and safety.  He has been a tireless advocate for victims and their families and worked ceaselessly to inform journalists, the Federal executive, legislative and judicial areas, often lending voice to empower those whose views have been unheard.  This book once again raises warnings that we ignore at our peril.


Ralph Nader

Presidential Candidate

Consumer Activist



Conquering Violence from Within not only exposes the vulnerabilities of our dynamic culture to the evil of violence but what can be done by individuals to curb this dreaded disease.  



Hon. Jerry Scannel


National Safety Council


Mr. Kinney has certainly brought to the forefront the haunting issues we face in our society today. He is making us face the harsh reality of the gross apathy and immunity that we have as a society toward the mounting violence of today. His recommendations and approaches toward the reversal of this trend is unique and realistic. He places this responsibility for this turn around at the feet of all of us. What he puts forth is common sense and that which we all better turn to or else the alternative is sever and could be the downfall of our society as we want it to be. It certainly a problem from within and one that our politicians better turn their attention to.


James I Royer, CPP

Retired after 40 years as a Security Director for “Fortune 200” companies.


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