Make Your Own Webinars
From Home!

First, What is a Webinar?

It started out that a webinar was a SEMINAR that was conducted on the web. That's still the description for some of this. Country Essays is launching a 7 hour course on the subject so you can learn how to build your own webinar from home, or just understand how webinars work as you prepare for that day when you are invited to participate on someone else's webinar.

Let's get started with the first lesson right now.

It works just like a movie. In fact, you can even download it to your home computer's CD disk and play it full screen on your television.

Which should spark nice thoughts of taking copies of your own webinars uptown to a swanky restaurant.  Most of them now have television setups especially for webinars.  Just let them know how many visitors to expect and they will set you up.  Most of the restaurants I approach like this -- cold call -- will NOT charge me a dime if I'm expecting 8 or more participants.