Street Smart

by John C. Wisdom

Street Smart Selling is sales in practice.

When the experienced salesman feels down, he should bring out his copy of Street Smart Selling.  After a few minutes of review, he will be fired up and ready to sell again -- no matter what phase he is in -- prospecting, cold calling, phone canvassing, etc.

The new salesman is provided an invaluable selling manual of styles and techniques to help him with all phases of the selling process -- prospecting, closing, time management, working smart, etc.

Street Smart Selling is quick and to the point. Its writing style is almost terse, certainly not verbose. It is designed to cover a lot of material with a brief reading.

Street Smart Selling is an invaluable tool to the salesman in terms of technique, knowledge and emotion.

Street Smart Selling will help propel you on
to success in the exciting field of salesmanship.

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