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The Hug 
I see Grandpa  high in the sky, beyond the biggest trees.  I see Grandpa
Discipline for the Long Haul 
Forgotten Flag 
The Value of Money
War Won't Make Us Rich 
The Cold Crucible 
Prettier by Night 
The Christian Self Improvement Plan
My First Eagle 
Pretty Pictures 
The Poor You Have Always With You 
Grandma's Bath Tub 
Grief, Done and Gone  
Sassafras, the Liquid Cleanser for poison oak.
Courage for the Rich Cousins 
Eugenics Anonymous

Writing Oriented

Hit It Another Lick
Tips and Tigers 
More Writing Tips  
Half The Money could be yours.
Why Write in html? 
How to Write a Publicity Release 
How To Write a WHOLE book when you can't write a word 
Free Art by Lin Stone

Do nice girls always finish last? It is beginning to look as if Princess Lily will become an old maid. At last an offer is received from a far distant kingdom.  Princess Lily sets out alone on a journey of ten days to find, and perhaps marry her Prince Charming. But at the last minute the scullery maid volunteers to go along as her Lady-in-Waiting.

But it turns out the Lady-in-Waiting doesn't want to wait. Scarcely a day into the journey she bullies Princess Lilly into swapping their identities.

Suddenly, everything Lilly had is gone; her gold, her clothes, her royal carriage, and -- most precious of all -- her dignity. All Lilly has now is a sway back nag, and a winning way with geese.  and her determination to find Prince Charming and be married.

However, after stealing Lilly’s identity, the real scullery maid dons Lilly’s royal gown and masquerades as the real Princess, and plots to marry Prince Charming herself.

Will Lilly’s determination be enough? Will she triumph over evil? Will she marry her price charming? There are many twists and surprises happening in the story to charm children and parents alike, but the question remains,

Can nice girls fight back?  And what do nice girls fight with?  Take this journey with Lilly to a far and distant land. Find out who wins Prince Charming, and how it is done.  An illustrated version of The Poor Little Goose Girl can be found on at:   

Behold, a Royal Army of GoldBrickers
Sincerely yours, a brave new world comes to a close
Were you Startled, or Scared?
Fun with the MisSpoken Word 
The Adventures of Psi King 
To Brand a Calf. 
Uncle Saul NEEDS You
My Privacy Policy 
The Skeeter Beater

Make Your Own Molds, Make Your Own Money 
Make Your Own Yogurt, and yogurt biscuits 
Pigeon Toed Profits 

Is there a REAL gas crunch?
The worst thing about a sudden ice storm

How to Succeed Without Setting Goals
Written By Lin Stone

The End, Explains why Sleeping Beauty needed a marriage counselor. 

No man has EVER walked on the Moon!

Where Does It All Begin?

In computers all our options are based on using 1 or nothing, a 1 -- or a nothing -- and yet, there seems to be an infinity of useful permutations and a million new programs per year to provide us with an abundance of riches --

  • for pleasure,
  • socialising,
  • and business --- all conceived from using a unique foundation of a 1 and a nothing.

An artist only has 3 colors to work with but s/he can shade them, mix them and match them and reverse them until the imitation is twice as glorious as the original and a lonely soul is satisfied to gaze upon them.

Mozart only had 7 notes to peck and pound on, but his arrangements of those 7 notes will live on forever.

An accountant knows there are only 10 digits to work with; 1 through zero -- or zero through 9 if you prefer, but when s/he gets through adding and subtracting, the balance sheet will be a masterpiece of accuracy.

Alphabets usually have less than 100 letters and punctuation marks, but with them and because of them the words of Homer still live and all the wisdom of the ages can come alive and charge our spiritual batteries anew.

The parts and participles of creation's bloom may be lowly in heart; humble and meek in their basic appearance, but once we learn them and once we perceive a glimmer of their brilliance, we can compose and organize whole worlds
Yea, our writers, our poets and our intellectuals can compose entire worlds without end.

Lin Stone.

My desk is right in front of a big plate glass door that looks off into a valley.  Deer come up to the window sometimes, and birds flutter my way to say "Hello" on their way to work.  I can write here, and read -- with no interruptions most of the time.  But one night I was reading away when suddenly I saw this little hand reach up and begin opening my plate glass door. 

All I could see was the little hand, nudge, nudge, nudge.  That little hand was straining real hard, but the big, heavy door was barely sliding an inch.  For me, an inch was a wedge gone too far.  While I loved to go out and play with furry little critters, I drew the terms of endearment closed at my doors. 

Therefore, I stood up, pulled the door shut, and locked it.  Then I glanced down into the forlorn little face of Richard the Little Lion-hearted Raccoon.  He waited patiently for me to go fetch my camera, turn it on, warm it up, and snap his picture.  Then he reached up and tried once more to open up the door of communications with me. 

His efforts were rewarded with a ripe turnip and he has returned many times.  The last time I saw Little Richard he weighed about 30 pounds.  Any time I leave the door unlocked he nudges it open with one firm push and races up into my lap.  In a matter of minutes he is snoring away, safe and sound for the rest of the night.

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