When you need information,
You need Power in a hurry.

These are the Search Engines eager to give you the power to dig down deep, the engines to use for jumping from site to site, and they dig especially hard as the powerful traffic boosters you should get your web site listed on.

Vital Information from ten thousand sources, just type in your query and let it rip!

SWITCHBOARD I use this little engine
to find businesses and people throughout the U.S.

Yellow Pages Find Someone or a business.

Find That Email
Is another great resource

Google News Search
Search Through Groups for your subject
What are bloggers saying?
What are Scholars Saying?
What Do Researchers Know? 
What PDF documents Exist on your subject?
Neotake has indexed millions of electronic books.



Who are the Most Important Linkers to your web site?
100 top paying AdSense Ads? 
The top 100 forgotten books 

the most prominent and useful online Medical industries directory, our mission is to provide suppliers with huge, focused and meaningful leads at a fraction of the cost of reaching such a group conventionally, and to provide buyers FREE, quick, easy, and powerful services for locating suppliers worldwide. For the Buyers: Search for products or positions in the Medical Field:http://www.medicregister.com

What the World's Looking For!

Welcome to the New MSN Search! Searching the web isn't just about providing a long list of web links but connecting you to the answers and information you're looking for. To help with this, the new MSN Search includes a new search engine, index and crawler; all built from the ground up on Microsoft technology. With this new service, you'll be able to find what you're looking for--faster. From this page you can find out how to use some of our advanced features, how our engine works.

The Answer Bus search facility is directing significant traffic to talewins.  It must therefore be getting quite a bit of business.  Just ask your question in the box provided.

The Startup Journal How To Section.

Business Research by HooVers

Directory services provided by the American Society of Association Executives 

Because of our profession many writers are looking for work in other fields.
In the box on the left tell us what kind of work you want.  In the box on the right,
tell us WHERE you want to find it.  For example: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Click Find, and GOOD LUCK.  Keep on writing.

The World's Biggest Rolodex.. JigSaw offers both Free and Pay memberships -- but even the free membership will require the use of a credit card. However, by going to this particular link, which may close after I make it public, you can search through many of the business contacts online just by searching for what you want.

Click HERE if you need a new plan.

Zoom Info.. You'll use this as a resource of People who WANT TO BE WRITTEN ABOUT.  If you are a specialist in what you write about you'll want to join Zoom Info because it is the largest index of people in business in the world. Register for free to create a Web Summary today!

The top directories displayed in alphabetical order along with links to the Add/Suggest a Site pages.

Here are the top ranking directories that allow free web site submission. By directory, it means the listings are categorised and edited by people, not automated scripts. They're ordered by Google PageRank. Directories without an 'Add Site' link generally require you navigate to the appropriate sub-category before submitting your site.

A directory of directories, with an opportunity to post your articles. 

The SEO Friendly FREE Directory List

There are 9 million professionals already on LinkedIn. Find the people you know.  Note, this service doesn't even have Hytham Khalil on it so it is far from complete.

WEBPEDIA:  Modern Tools For Modern Children.  Ratiocination is probably the most important tool the human mind has ever developed. Using that tool as a springboard, the systematic, provable exploration of our world is largely responsible for every scientific advance made in the last four centuries. Today your children can stand on the shoulders of giants with sophisticated tools they never dreamed of. Computers, cell phones and the Internet can keep you instantly in touch with the greatest minds that have ever lived. It is my hope this will be a valuable tool in your hands that you will use repeatedly, and pass on to your best friends as well.

Snap Dot Com.  "This is a new search engine, and I love it.  I think it is move over Google time."   We built Snap to save you time. We think we can cut the time it takes to find what you re REALLY looking for in half! Today we re unveiling Snap, with three bold innovations to improve the way you find things on the web.  The first is USER CONTROL, where you get to change the order of search results, refine search results instantly, and hone in on exactly what you re looking for. We think you ll love it. Give it a try. It works on any search, just refine by entering filter words in the field above any column, or click on any column to sort. Try it right now, say for digital cameras or laptops.

All The Web lists far more of my pages, so naturally I don't want to forget them.

Whatever you want or need from the U.S. government, it's here on FirstGov.gov. You'll find a rich treasure of online information, services and resources.

Another thing EVERY writer needs is GOOD MAPS so they don't lose their readers in the underbrush.  MapQuest provides recenterable maps, driving directions, driving times, even traffic conditions and nearby businesses.  Why you could flesh a plot out easily and even add traffic.

Authors can use these links to research published book titles on any subject: 
History  Humor Wildlife   Politics   Guides   Cooking  
Culture  Sports   Computers    Music   Art
Just click on any subject close and work from there.
Use the BOOK SEARCH facility in upper left.

Every author needs a good anarchist once in a while. 
Here's a long list of the ones available for you to write about. 

Advanced Job Search Enter the information requested below to perform a search. If you know the Job Number, enter it below. Otherwise fill out the form to do an extensive job search. Advanced Job Search! Job Number Search: ------------------------------- Keyword(s): Keyword Type: Help Location: Area Codes: Exclude Nationwide Postings Order Results By: Receive Jobs by Email To add this search as an email alert, please enter your email address below and then run a search. You will receive any new and matching job postings right to your email inbox. Email Address: Free Newsletter: YesNo Free Info on Continuing Education? YesNo Get a Free Career Evaluation? YesNo Career Focus: Select your career focus areas if you would like to receive additional information relating to your industry. Careers and Employment Information Technology Health and Fitness Healthcare / Medical Healthcare Conventions Healthcare Technology Industrial Hygiene Nurses Entrepreneurial Ventures Free Offers Home Business Opportunities Informational Surveys Small Business Owners

Son Of The Seas is one of the very best selfless directories on the web.

Guide To search Engine Optimization  Guide to Obtaining a #1 Ranking in the search engines
The search Engine Institute reveals how to Earn $9,307.00 or more per month using search engines. Proven strategies with guaranteed results. No website needed!

Click&Copyright: was formed to fill the void in the online copyright registration services market.   What separates us from the few competitors out there is that we charge a fair price ($39) and make copyrighting as easy as clicking a mouse.  We simply have the client fill out the information needed for the correct copyright form and have them email or   via mail deliver us their work.  We take care of everything else.

All 4 One MetaSearch!
 combining the power of all the worlds best search engines into one.

Find the pictures you want and need for your writing projects.

Research It * ResearchPaper.Com * Shareware.Com
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
* A better Patent Service 

Here Lately I use the WiseNut search engine quite a bit. 

First published in 1893, MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK is now a leading on-line industrial directory specifically designed for purchasers and has just been re-designed to offer significantly more sourcing information than most other directories, all free-of-charge.

These recent changes are intended to specifically aid the growing group of Yellowpages-type searchers looking for industrial-type goods and services, such as many of your site users currently using Worldpages.com.

Up to now, much of this newly released content was only available on a paid search basis through such premium services as LexisNexis in the US and Infomart.ca in Canada.

This new MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK's information can be so useful to Yellowpages-type users that YellowPages.com and YellowPages.ca, two leading sites very similar to Worldpages.com, have recently incorporated MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK content directly into their sites to better serve their users looking for industrial-type information.  

Click HERE to read about the Meta Search Engines.   

The Arielis search engine I mention because it is new and interesting.

The MasterSite Search Engine is not that large, but the contents there are up to the minute.  What a great place to get your writer's pages listed, instantly.

http://attorney-tool.com/  is a great resource for ANYTHING to do with the legal profession.

Power Search lets you keep all your favorites in one spot for REsearching. 

Save BIG Money
On ALL Your Medical Needs

ReSearching books?
Search the Library of Congress.

Search the U.S. Trademark Office

Search 30 million government web pages in a single click.

Here's a whole page on Meta Engine Search Facilities

Who's the chief of state in that country now?  The CIA knows, I hope.

Explore the TechnoTerm Translator for information and fun.

Is old So-and-So still alive?  Here's a definitive answer.  

The Metengine will give you a free listing for your company.  This will be a good one to put on your site too.

The quickest finding trick I have is to use my browser and type in a question mark, a space, then the name of the subject (zip code, or company) I am looking for, and hit ENTER.  Just like the laws of statistics, it works -- 8 times out of 10. 

Another thing you can do for example ... Type in kinkos -- then hold your control key down while hitting ENTER.  Your browser will take you right there. randomhouse is another one, zebra is another one, so is talewins for that matter.  Just type in "talewins.com" and there you is.  Now occasionally the web is busy and you have to come back to type in the http, etc, but quite often, you are sailing home free with just the name.

The third quickest finding trick I use is with engines like Alta Vista . Type in the name, or the category, and you get the whole ball of wax, if too much information is available, narrow the search. For example, type in Death and you'll get 314 entries. "Death Books" (with the quotation marks) will narrow it to less than ten. Now, for a trick with the old codger. What if you hit a brick wall and still don't have what you want? Well, when you hit a brick wall, choose which way you want to bounce. Even if the page you hit has absolutely no links out whatsoever, you can backtrack.
Yes, backtrack from a brick wall. Pop over to the Alta Vista site and, follow this advice EXACTLY now, In the Search Field, Type in link:http://www.writers.net -- replacing the URL address of the brick wall site you hit where the http of this one now is. Or, in other words, type "link:" in front of the http: address of the brick wall. This will reveal all the pages known by Alta Vista to be linked TO that page. If they are linked to the page the chances are they have something in common with what is ON that page. This has saved my bacon many times when otherwise I would have given up entirely. For another use of this facility, click here on heroes.

One thing all of us love is FREE Goodies.  Search4Free Keeps you updated on the newest freebies on the web!  A huge site with business opportunities, books, gifts, cards, software, clothes, and -- you name it.

radio stations, theme, owners, reps, sortableOnline Newspapers * Electronic Newsstand Dominis eZines Database * Ecola Newsstand

Net-Temps... a world of jobs, neatly packaged.  Billy Moliter has a terrific site here, easy to navigate, even easier to use.  The jobs looked real, and you can even get your own desktop for job hunting.  Uh -- when I mention REAL jobs, what I mean is that just a whole lot of companies advertise they have jobs, but don't intend to hire anyone.  They are simply advertising to keep their names in front of more people, or to give a false impression of imminent growth.

Philately  Exhibitions and collections.

Robin's Nest for Writers and Web Surfers is one of my favorite sites for writers. Cafe Au Lait has everything you need to know about Java all in one neat pigeonhole. And HTML heaven is right here beside it. Believe you me, there is enough html information here to earn you a B.A. at college. Included are special guides for writers.

The Calculator Page contains over "5,410" Calculators created by over '1,370' very "CREATIVE" Individuals, Businesses & Tax Supported Entities World Wide. If you have anything at all that needs figuring, this is the place to get it done. Has everything from numerology to astrophysics, from time, to camera field of view.

Alexa is a free advertising-supported Web navigation service. It works with your browser and accompanies you as you surf, providing useful information about the sites you are viewing and suggesting related sites.  Funny, I wasn't interested in that kind of assistance, but jumped right in for another program that monitored where I was going every day.  Of course, they paid me for the privilege, and I dropped them quickly enough when I realized they were getting as smart as I am

Member of 411now

Access Business Online's
Business CHAT & BBS FORUM Network

Select Business Chat Network Area  

Select Business Forum Network Area

Need to know about the insurance industry?
Check out Insurance Roundup

* Encyberpedia  American Society of Association Execs can give you tons of information and assistance on hundreds of subjects of interest to writers.

A terrific all out helpful page comes from my friend Ken called  Secrets of Searching the Web and Promoting Your website. Schedule yourself a good hour for exploring, and then plan on coming back for more intensive studies later. I have looked this page over quite extensively, and found it to be THE most helpful page yet encountered in many hours of study.

The Stalkers Home Page, everything you ever gagged on about stalking.

State and Local Government on the Net  
The Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations. For law enforcement and regulatory agencies at the federal, state, local and international level, IC3 provides a central referral mechanism for complaints involving Internet related crimes.

* Some More Red Hot Search Engines are listed here in machine gun fashion.
HotBot * DogPile * GO.com * All In One Search * Alta Vista * IFind * Beaucoup! * Excite * MetaSearch at Highway 61 * Scoop Cybersleuth's Internet Guide * Search.Com * Web Search * WebcrawlerLinkmaster   * Scrub The Web * The Net One *

To find Heroes, Single out a few pages in your genre who are exceeding successful and pop over to the Alta Vista site and, follow this advice EXACTLY now, In the Search Field, Type in link:http://www.writers.net -- replacing the url address of the site you admire where this one now is. What does this achieve? This will roll out a big long list (well, you can hope it is as big and long as this one) which will give you the linking pages that are sending people to visit the Hero Site you admire so much. Go to them, everyone linking to your hero, and ask for a link to your page. One last thing, remember the first advice I gave you.. make dad blasted sure you have a home page worth linking to before you go. Fail to do this and not only will you waste your time, you may very well kill any chances you have for going back in the near future.  

Experts.Com * Festival Finder * FileMine download site * Image Surfer (Pix) list * ISpy News Search * Jeeves Search Engine * Look Smart-download site * Video Games Yellow Pages *

Mailing lists

Liszt, the mailing list directory * MAILLIST.COM * Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists *

This isn't an engine or an index, but as a resource for maps and map history, not listing it would be inexcusible.

National Address Server Given a valid U.S. postal address, this server attempts to rewrite the address in the proper format along with the ZIP+4 code. Try it out with your own name. If it is successful, you can retrieve a Postscript or a GIF file of the address for printing, with a barcode! You can also view a street map of the address, from 2 different Internet map sites (MapBlast and MapQuest).

How many brothers did George III have? How many sisters did George Washington have? Okay, so you're smarter than I am. Now, what are their names? Ah ha, gotcha. When you are writing historical fiction (or fact) it would be a good idea to check out their geneaology. Do that here.

Anzwers Search Centre is creating a comprehensive engine.  They even list some of the postcards sent out, not the post card senders, the cards themselves!  That's extensive.

* Find the Homepage a unique Finder if there ever was one. * Personal Home Page Finder * Companies on the Net * World Pages * WWWomen! Search Directory for Women

Award Site Heaven has a long list of sites which will evaluate your page and serve up an award if you earn it. There is also some pertinent advice tacked on the end of the page for those who think of serving up their own awards. Here's one you can grow on.

Make your web site Submissions to a compendium of easily used search engine sites.

Discover your IQ, Personality, Entrepreneural strengths.

These engines list your web site quickly.

Employment Assistance
America's Job Bank
Career Builder
Career Mosaic
Net Temps a very impressive site, easy to navigate.
The World Wide Web Employment Office
Yahoo Classifieds


People Search The internet is a fantastic way to find information on absolutely everything. Search engines are a quick and easy way to get you the info you want! Look up facts for a school project, find an old antique to add to your collect or find a long lost relative!  Check out why people searches are becoming so popular with reuniting friends from school or distant relatives. All of the information you are looking for is at your fingertips!

Speciality Engines

Fifteen Search Engines from One Query.  Isleuth * JumpCity *

AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night * Ancestry Search * Edgar Search for Stocks *


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