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Publishers with a web presence that works, if we don't find you, we invite you to find us.  By "works" I mean that no "additional plugins" will be needed to actually read your site.  Please note, simply by being listed on Tale Wins you will increase your page rank in the search engines.  Having higher page rank means more book buyers will find your site from those search engines.  IF you make your submission guidelines available on the web for writers to read we will provide more copy here so that visits will increase.  That added traffic increases your page rank even more.  In other words, it pays to be listed ACCURATELY on this page.  Be sure to keep us posted on changes of address, etc..

It sure seems like publishers WANT to hear from EVERYONE by E-mail, except the author.  If you do accept queries from professional writers by electronic mail we will link to you twice -- from this page and from a page that readers frequent -- and thus increase your page rank yet again - where it helps you most.  We will also give you up to three hundred words of introduction here so that actual visits will increase.  Again, that improves your page rank substantially.

Writers, please note: We try to list only those publishers that the freelancer working from home might work with.  If you know a Sweetheart Publisher that treats authors as if they were valuable contributors to their success, please send your endorsement to us at once so that we can give them a back pat on this page so other writers can know who the good guys in this industry are.

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Harry N. Abrams Books specializes in illustrated books for the adult trade market. We do not publish works of fiction.

Written queries, proposals, and manuscripts should be sent via post, along with SASE, to the following address:

Attn: Managing Editor
Abrams Books
115 W. 18th Street
New York, NY 10011
Following are general submission guidelines which apply to all publishing groups currently accepting proposals:

# Email submissions will not be accepted.
# Artists and illustrators may submit tear sheets or color copies of their works.
# All visual material must be sent in printed form (no digital media).
# Materials WILL NOT be returned. DO NOT send original materials, transparencies or disks.
# We do not accept responsibility for any materials sent.
# HNA will contact you if interested.
# Please allow up to six months for a response.


Academy Chicago Publishers:  We do not accept electronic submissions. Do not approach us through e-mail or by fax.

We ask that you do not submit your entire ms, but instead send us the first three or four consecutive chapters of your book. They should be accompanied by a letter from the author along with a synopsis. Please also be sure to include an SASE; that is, an envelope sufficiently large to accommodate your ms and which has both your return label and postage already affixed to the envelope. If you don't want the ms back, just include a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope If there is no SASE included in the packet, there will be no reply unless the Editor wishes to ask for more of the ms. But in general, mss without accompanying return envelopes will be discarded.

It is important for everyone concerned for the author to match as closely as possible his or her work to the books published by the targeted publishing house. By and large, Academy Chicago does not publish books with explicit, gratuitous sex and violence; we no longer publish science fiction or thrillers, neither of which do very well for us. We do not publish cookbooks, self-help or books dealing with the supernatural--that is, anything to do with angels and life after death, although we do publish ghost stories; however, most of the latter which we do publish are classics. We do not publish horror or photography books, nor do we do children's books, other than children's classics. We do not have any Young Adult classification.

Manuscripts which do not fit our lists will be returned promptly, if accompanied by an SASE. Mss which are being considered for publication will take longer, six weeks or more.


Adams-Blake is looking for business, technology, and finance titles as well as data that can be packaged and sold to specific industry groups.


Addicus Books:  We're seeking titles on: health, self-help, psychology, how-to, business, economics, investing, and books of regional interest -- true crime, histories, profiles. We prefer first a proposal outlining the nature of your work, who your market is and information about your background. If we're interested in taking a closer look at your book, we'll contact you.

Note: when querying electronically, send only a one-page email, giving an overview of your book and its market. Please do not send attachments unless invited to do so.

Ad Lib Books is not currently accepting submissions. Please check back.

Algonquin Books.  Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced. Please include a check to cover postage for return of your manuscript should it be necessary that we do so. Due to new postal regulations, please do not send stamps. We will try to respond to your submission in eight to ten weeks.

All About Kids Publishing   "WE DO NOT ACCEPT QUERIES/SUBMISSIONS VIA E-MAIL. We do not open e-mail attachments. Please keep a copy of your work."  But, the online guidelines ARE terrific.

Allworth Press

Ambassador Books 

Amber Books 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an independent policy research center that conducts multidisciplinary studies of complex and emerging problems. The Academy�s elected members are leaders in the academic disciplines, the arts, business, and public affairs.

American Management Association 

America West Publishers

The American Quilter�s Society 

Appalachian Mountain Club:  You can contact us by phone, email, letter, or in person. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will do their best to help.

Arcade Publishing 

Arcadia Publishing accepts submissions year-round. Our editors seek proposals on local history topics and are able to provide authors with detailed information about our publishing program as well as book proposal submission guidelines.

A-R Editions, Inc., located in Middleton, Wisconsin, was founded in 1962. We are a publisher of scholarly editions of music and books dealing with music,

Astragal Press 

Avalon Books  We publish WHOLESOME family fiction in many genres.  We are ACTIVELY seeking new writers.

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Please do a favor for the other writers and agents who use these pages next:   Let me know if you run into a link on this page that has a Bad Clicker.  Anyone writing to me will receive a free download gift.

http://starpublish.com  and its imprint Venus Romance, http://venusromance.com 

EmergingPoets.com has embarked on an aggressive publishing campaign with several books slated to be released before the end of the year. Every book is filled with poems from members of the web site. Scheduled for release this fall; �Kindred Trinity�, �Chorus of Voices� and �Pets�. Operating on donations only, this site has certainly become one of the best alternatives and opportunity for poets of all genres.

Metropolis Ink is a discerning publisher of quality, affordable, trade paperback books. We have gathered a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction works for your enjoyment and education, as we continue to look for new works by exceptional, dedicated authors.

Intriguing book titles range from "God Makes Sex Great!" to "Diary of a Curtain Twitcher" to "Tales from the Wrecktory"


I'd like to nominate Paul Hanley of Bogsidebooks, for a "Sweetheart Editor": Bogsidebooks.com was the first publisher I approached, after seeing that they donate proceeds from their book sales to the children of Northern Ireland (where I live). My stories were accepted, and Paul Hanley treated me like an old friend from the very beginning, handling all the details quickly and professionally, asking for my feedback every step of the way, and listening to any comments, questions, or proposals I've had ever since. My readers often comment how much they like Bogside's website, and what great service they've received. Their terms toward authors are generous, and the service to writers and customers alike is excellent. (Bogsidebooks publishes "eBooks with a Celtic attitude" - all stories or non-fiction are set in any of the many Celtic nations (including Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Wales, etc.) or among the celtic diaspora, such as Irish-America.)  Thanks again for letting me share, Susan Carleton  "Stories from the Age of Saints":   now available at  www.bogsidebooks.com  "Laudant illa, sed ista legunt." - Martialus

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now with what we can find for you.  See if we don't find savings of up to 30% and 40% for the same or better value!

Poncha Press sent me two westerns to be reviewed.  The nicest thing I could say about the books is I didn't like either one of them.  Taste is a personal thing, and westerns especially so.  But, any author can see QUALITY publishing when it is in front of him.  Poncha Press produces top quality books.  At this writing the company is looking for more authors.  Click on the name and see if you can get published there.

Dial Books for young readers offers a few suggestions that will get author's material read faster. "We currently get many many more submissions than we can handle in a timely manner. The only thing an author may send is an SASE requesting our submission guidelines which tells them about the query letter process. We will read query letters but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that authors get our guidelines first." 
Send queries to "Submissions Coordinator" as this is who will handle the requests. The position changes so quickly that authors look better using "Submission Coordinator" rather than an outdated name.

Tom Kyle is the sweetheart at Abique Press.

Rod Colvin, at Addicus Books, is one of our favorite publishers: "We are currently seeking high-quality true crime manuscripts.  We're NOT looking for a chronology of a crime story.  We are looking for an interesting story behind the crime.  Writers must use the devices of fiction, and give us a plot with rising action.    Authors may follow our regular submission guidelines for true crime works.  Thank you.  Rod Colvin  AddicusBks@aol.com

Tad Crawford at Allworth Publishing is a great guy on our list.

The Blue Heron has captured this soft spot in my heart.  The titles are terrific, the scope is magnificent.  Best of all, I like their logo.  

Jenefer Angell, Editorial Assistant to Jonathan Lanman is our favorite at Atheneum Books for Young Readers, a division of Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division.

W. Lane Startin, Associate Editor at BainBridgeBooks is a wonderful editor to get to know.

Garth Battista Publisher, Breakaway Books  is a great sweetheart.  "Breakaway Books publishes literary writing on sports—fiction, poetry, and essays on the athletic experience. We are interested in the emotional and metaphysical side of sports, the inner life of the athlete. We also celebrate the many ways sport can serve as muse for excellent writing — both serious and playful."

Alyssa Mito Pusey, Assistant Editor at Charlesbridge Publishing will keep good material or good writers on her files until she figures out a place they fit in her publishing schedule.

Kathleen Jayes is our favorite editor at Dell, of Bantam Doubleday Dell.

Roger Scholl, Executive Editor  Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group.  The click here is BLOCKBUSTER material.  Unless you have that, professionally written, please don't send anything!  Broadway Books was founded in 1996 as a general interest publisher of books for adults, focusing on nonfiction. It has established a solid reputation within the book trade and among the reading  public.

Doubleday Broadway has published Frances Mayes's Under the Tuscan Sun, Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods, Adeline Yen Man's Falling Leaves, and Ruth Reichel's Tender at the Bone. It also has a select list of literary fiction, including Richard Price, Tim O'Brien, and Vikram Seth.

Robbie Mayes (Editorial Department) is our sweetheart at Farrar Straus & Giroux Books for Young Readers.  Robbie's comments were really nice with built in ego stokers.

Marti Phillips at Laughing Owl is so eager to please writers that online submissions are encouraged.

Here's a sweetheart you want to mark well in your reference book: Miranda Stecyk, Editorial Assistant at MIRA BOOKS.  This is found at Harlequin Enterprises Limited, 225 Duncan Mill Road at Don Mills, ON M3B 3K9  Phone 1-416-445-5860  Mira "publishes novels of 100,000 words or more, from a variety of genres including romantic suspense, psychological thrillers, family sagas, and relationship novels."

Kristen Beck at New Harbinger Publications is a real sweetheart for sure.  The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook has sold over 400,000 copies and earned $347,200 in royalties for its authors. 

Nolo Books is a legal self-help publisher (and software) that explain to consumers how to handle their own legal tasks--for example, write a will, file a small claims court lawsuit or run a small business. "We do not publish fiction, first person accounts, biographies or any other material that strays too far from our step-by-step approach to helping consumers solve specific legal problems."  This site even has lawyer jokes.

Writers and agents go to the web presence of some publishers and feel like we are intruding. Others reach out and won't let go for several hours. One such as this is O-Reilly Books publishers of computer books (for the intelligent user) and travel books as well. Click on their name, dear writer and you will find A WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK to read. The title is... "So you want to write a book." And it covers the whole schmear, from inception to contract, and beyond. O'Reilly wants the best writers they can get and their welcome mat is more like flypaper. It is lush indeed. Take a Hike.

A K Peters, Ltd. is a scientific technical publisher whose program focuses on Computer Science (Graphics, Geometric Design, Robotics, CHI) and Mathematics. Klaus Peters is one of the nicest publishers I have "met" in a long time.

Prima Publishing  has a houseful of sweethearts who will look at your manuscripts which meet their criteria.  The editors even pass special manuscripts back and forth among themselves.  Our favorite contact there is Julie McDonald, Acquisitions Assistant. Some sample books they have published can be looked up by clicking on any title in our bookstore then typing any title into the finder..
Their special titles are:  Looneyspoons (low-fat food made fun!) The Excel Phenomenon, Ritalin Free Kids, these are also the guys becoming famous for putting out Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Positive Discipline in the Classroom, The Arthritis Solution, The Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline.  Mothers Who Drive Their Daughters Crazy, Offshore Money Havens, Raising Self-Reliant Children, The Golfer and the Millionaire, Reagan on Leadership, The Natural Pharmacy, Florida with Kids, Hercules Exposed, How to get a College Degree Through the Internet, Smoothies for Life, The Unschooling Handbook, Mail Order Success Secrets by Tyler G. Hicks, Reverse Aging, Birthday Parties for Kids -- are you beginning to get the picture?  Check out these titles in our book store, Go see their web site, order a catalog, whatever it takes, Get with Prima.

Betsy A. Lampe at Rainbow Books is a real sweetheart too.  The address is P.O.Box 430, Highland City FL 33846 They address issues for adults and also children ages 8-14, "providing answers to problems."

Truman Publishing, Jim and Tim Criswell, Pattie, make this the little publisher with a big heart.  Check out their use of the web for sales.

Jaime Levine, Editorial Assistant at Warner Aspect (1271 Avenue of the Americas) does a great job of getting manuscripts in and out.  His opinions are terse, to the point, and helpful.

If you're looking for another sweetheart editor, here's one for you. Vicki Bott , editorial assistant over at Warner Mysterious Press is the best. While she felt there wasn't a place for my novel on their small list, she went beyond her normal duties and sent my partial manuscript back to me even though I had just enclosed a # ten sase for a reply. She wrote me a very nice personal letter and encouraged me to keep looking for an agent. Just had to share this with you. Carol M. Stewart

Wilshire Books has a live website named after it, and I want to mention the company for several reasons.  #1, it has been around since I first started in mail order and publisher Melvin Powers has always been a hero of mine because he keeps so many titles selling year after year.   #2, when I had a book almost right for Wilshire I picked up the phone and in less than 30 seconds I was talking with Melvin Powers himself.  In less than two minutes he had decided not to accept the book, but he left me with a good feeling nonetheless, as though I'd been treated as a professional writer by a professional publisher.  The phone # there is 1 818 765 8579 

Melvin said he is 76 now, and still in the office.  Wow!  What an inspiration to all of us.

Write Way Publishing Guidelines are available from this link. You should also check out the Don't page as while Write Way is looking for submissions, there has been some off-the-mark manuscripts received, I've had several breaks from Write Way and appreciate the editors there very much.  

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