"Hey," you ask me, 
"Where can I promote my book
or web site, cheaply and effectively?

"Search Engines"
I reply without hesitation.

Search Engines can bring a flurry of traffic fluttering your way.  Day after Day and year after year, you will continue to get at least a little bit of traffic coming your way, and probably you'll get more traffic all the time as people realized you have a great opportunity there. This page right here has been getting traffic from search engines since 1997. I mean to tell you, that is wonderful. And here is the biggest catch, the better your traffic is, the more traffic you will get from the searching.

Unfortunately, most major search engines are so tough to get into that it feels like they work harder at keeping you out than they do at getting you listed.  So, before you rush into this getting listed business, let me caution you a few words of search engine wisdom.  There are two basic ways of submitting a URL for listing in a search engine.

  1. is to go to each one to manually submit your page.

  2. is to let a bulk submitter do it for you.   

#1 gets you in there sure shot, right where you think you should be listed.  Within 6 months at the most, you'll be dragging in all the business that each search engine thinks you deserve.  That's good.

#2 letting a bulk submitter or someone, or some thing, do your submission work for you is a whole lot more convenient and less work on you.

"Which way is best?"  #1, and #2.

Let me explain: If you have less than 10 pages, take the time to do a manual submit, shooting for the absolute best linkage connection you can make for each page.

If you have more than 10 pages, you will want to only pick out your BEST TEN pages, and submit them manually!  These are the ones that already generate TRAFFIC for you.  Therefore they are doing something right and therefore they will rank higher on your search engine pages.  Because these are your kingpins, they are the ones that will make things happen.  These are the most important pages you have and it is vitally necessary that you get them listed.

From each one of these ten pages you want to create links to at least one other page on your web site and preferably -- three other pages.  Now, when I go look at someone's web page that says they are linking to other pages on their site this way -- "but I'm not getting any action," invariably I find they are doing it wrong.  Their links are all;  "Click HERE for some kind of, Gee, I don't know. But click anyway.  Okay, please, someboldy, PLEASE, Click HERE.

They have just done joined the race to claim top ranking for the term "Click HERE."  I will tell you here and now that Adobe Acrobat has that term sewed up already.  I really don't think you'll have much luck shoving Adobe out of first place for that term.  B U T ---- if you want to try it, have at it. I'll wait  Let me know when you get back.

You really need to quit using the term Click HERE when you are telling people where to click.  Pick out some text that tells your surfers WHY they should click this particular link.  At least do it something like: "Click HERE to increase your page rank!

Okay, the best you can do is all you can do.  Now that you have finished the top two ways of getting listed in the search engines, let me introduce you to MY favorite tool ... Blogs

It is best to start your own blog, either on BLOGGER.COM or on your own web site.  Don't rush off yet.  Creating blogs and keeping them filled up with content can be hard work.

Let's make it easier. 

Use someone else's blog.  Go to their blog, and make a comment.  In your signature, leave a link back to your web site.

If you investigate the OLD members you will find thousands and thousands of web sites to leave a comment on.

Please, I'm giving you this wonderful tool for free; for my sake, leave a HELPFUL AND MEANINGFUL comment behind.  The better your comment is, the longer it will remain up and working for you.  You should be able to place 106 meaningful comments per hour.

If you have Learned how to make your own website or at least your own web page, then you will be able to make your own blog on your websites. It is almost insane how easy it is to make your own blog.

Your Own Blogs can get your pages listed on search engines in less than an hour, Usually your traffic will start in a few seconds, most of the time, and in less than ten days after that first flush.


Has your site already been spidered?  Go to your favorite search engine and type allinurl:  then add your web address right after the ":" For example.. allinurl:talewins.com 

If you are feeling all alone right now, try Social Media to make a few friends. Remember This, Search engines are PERMANENT sources of traffic, Do them first. And the next thing we want to do is social media. This is great for getting virtually immediate visitors. I will be listing my latest books on the subject's within a few weeks.

The way that traffic is going around as technology spurs ahead, my books have to be updated twice a year. If you have an advertising budget, and everyone should, then you want to use Google or Bing. Google PLUS is a wonderful opportunity to create a place for your visitors to hang out.

I have a LinkedIn group of 4000 members. I own this group. But not a day goes by that I don't worry and fret that LinkedIn will lock me out Without warning. Google will usually let you pack your clothing when it is time to go. The reason I put Google first is that if you create a hangout place on Google it will, eventually, start sending traffic to you on that page you have built. And if you put up good interesting content that happens even sooner.

One of the most powerful aspects of Google+ is the +1 function. This function allows your visitors to share things they find on your site by using their +1 button. This has the potential to allow your marketing to go viral through the entire universe of Google+ users

It is not going to happen, but, yes, the potential is there. To make it even more obvious, You can add a +1 button to Your own blogs and websites, and you can even customize your OWN plus one button.

To get the ball rolling, check out various Google+ directories to find people who are interested in your niche. Add yourself to the following, as well.  http://plus.ftppro.com   http://www.findpeopleonplus.com   http://www.gphangouts.com Facebook pages on the other hand, can be built faster and cheaper, but Facebook has never sent me one visitor, I have had to work for every one I got, and yes, that does take me off! However, when you go after paid advertising, Facebook is cheaper per action. 

Social media is one of the biggest tools that marketers have to promote their brands. This is a particularly direct, targeted and personal means to connect with an audience. It lets you do this in a way that is persuasive, pervasive and purposeful and it allows you to create a real synergy between your marketing and your website or blog. 

When you start from ZERO And you want to try social media marketing, nothing beats Facebook. Facebook is not only the biggest social media network by far but it is also the best suited to marketing with the widest selection of highly powerful tools and the most data for you to use to find the right audience. Okay, now let's bounce back a bit.

Site Maps

Boon or Bust?

Let's do some good news now.  Yahoo, like Google, now allows you to submit your Sitemap. Yahoo’s version, a text file that contains a list of your site’s URLs, is a simplified version of Google Sitemaps. Your Sitemap text file for Yahoo should be located at the “root level” of your Web site. That's right!  You can get every page of your site listed in Yahoo in less than 10 days! 

Best of all, This New FREE service is yours direct from Yahoo.  Details are yours FOR FREE from this friendly site:  http://www.webmasterautomation.com/blog/  

Now some bad news Might be driving up on us.  It depends on how many pages you end up with on your web site.  If you have less than 100 pages on your site, my advice is to use a site map.  If you start edging over the 100 page mark you will want to consider the work you are getting yourself into.  Maybe you can't imagine having more than 100 pages at this point.  Back in the winter of 1996 I started out with one page, In the first week of 1997 I had three pages, then six.  Now I have over 5,000 pages just on this domain alone.  On another domain I had over 17,000 pages, but it was just flat too much work so I dismembered it. But I do still have four other domains besides this one.  Yes, they are all pretty good sized.

Naturally I need my site maps built for me by mechanical means, and that can get expensive.  So, let me give you the advantage of my 20/20 hindsight... I would have been a whole lot better off if I had never heard how good site maps are. 

Before I ever heard of site maps I ranked in the top ten on Google with over 500 of my pages.  Six, seven months after I put up a site map I was down to less than 70 in that grouping.  Why?  Because I did not maintain or monitor my site maps.  Because my site map never changed Google decided Tale Wins was a dead duck floating in the water. 

Once I saw what the problem was I got busy with other plans and now I'm back up with over 200 pages again in the top ten, but it has been a long, uphill battle all the way.  So my advice here is, if you haven't got some way installed of sitemaps being updated automatically -- and if you are too lazy to update them yourself -- stay away from sitemaps.

Get listed, FAST!   

There are LOTS of fast ways to get indexed on Google and Yahoo, and other search engines too.  But like I said before, the one I have the most control over and therefore like best, is Blogging.  In many instances I can post on a blog and have my links indexed in 30 minutes.  Now when I say this I also want you to remember that before you whistle for the search engines that your pages had better be ready for their visit.  Links should be fixed, and all your pictures showing, all your ducks lined up in a row, etc.

Other than that, blogging is the way to go.  You can have as many blogs working for you as you can take care of. I have 8 that are scoring for me with more visitors all the time.

As a writer YOU have an even greater opportunity to score. You can go to someone else's blog and post an interesting entry or comment there.  "Lin Stone offers hundreds of pages of free advice that can help you write better and read faster.  http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001K8SDAA --"

WARNING!  Somebody, somewhere, has given the world an erroneous definition of a COMMENT. Evidently s/he was a figure of some authority because that daffy duffinition seems to have filtered down through the whole Internet.

Consequently I have received dozens of enthusiastic posts made here on a regular basis, claiming to be a “comment” that I am invited to accept. They all start out, “You said — ” and they repeat what I said word for word. Then they dash off to make another “comment” somewhere else without even bothering to say Goodbye.

If I ever do need a parrot I’ll buy one. Pretend you are a mature adult capable of forming an opinion of your own on that subject, adding more information, and expressing your comment in words of ten syllables or less in sentences. Otherwise, your “comment” will be deleted.

SpyFoo is another great, useful tool for writers to decide how much PAYING interest there is in the subjects they want to write about.  Spy-Foo will even tell you how much the public is willing to pay for those subjects, then tell you how many people are willing to pay that much.

 Free Word Frequency Checker. and other Webmaster (SEO) tool.

You can get listed on real search engines for FREE.   SubmitFree: Submit to 25+ Search Engines for free !!!!

and buy other links from search engines. I do my own submissions, by hand, with constantly updated links so I don't waste ANY time.

Just as soon as I get my meta tags in my pages (or make semi-final improvements to a page) I click on that button and type the url in.  I mean I don't wait 10 seconds to do it.  You shouldn't wait either.

Now, why do I RESUBMIT the sites already getting traffic first?

Because those sites are pulse points I have established with my audience. My theory is, if they are drawing traffic already then I must be doing something right. 

The Well Fed Writer will tell you how to live Without a lot of every day things and services writers seem to feel a need For in the everyday life.

http://www.ebookbroadcast.com/submit.html  is a publicity release service especially for ebooks.

http://www.thefreesite.com is Home of the Web's Best Freebies, It has much help for authors.  

http://www.prfree.com seems to work almost as well, and it is free.  Friends of mine rave about the effective distribution but I have yet to experience it for myself.http://www.prweb.com/  I mention because a release there produced 18,263 actual reads of my release in less than two days for my last book (BUILDING UP YOUR FAT FIGHTERS) plus two international editors PHONED here for copies of the book. Another reason is because the staff there will go out of its way to get even better response to your release.  PRWeb now charges $80 minimum for service.

More Terrific Submission Tools

Announce It America! submits all of your page URLs to 300 search engines, indices, FFA links, classifieds, etc. at one time. You can start the submission and then surf the Net in a different browser window.

@ Submit - Submit your URL to the top 40 search engines.  This is the one that I use most when I'm in a definite hurry.

123Add-It -  Promote your URLs to the top search engines.

Easy Submit - Automatically submit website to top search engines.

Signpost - Automatically promotes websites to a wide range of search engines.

http://www.ebookpalace.com a visitor submitted directory listing over a 1,700 titles in popular ebook formats including pdf, lit, html, exe, palm & Editions that you can download and read from your desktop, Handheld Rocket, Glassbook, Palm Pilot or Windows CE. 


Sell More Products and Earn More Affiliate Commissions Starting Today! Why promote your website the hard way? Ezines are the quick and easy way to drive tons of TARGETED TRAFFIC to ANY website!  This page is an eye opening  COURSE.  It gives you more strategic business planning than many books I've paid for..  Cut a Chogie to Directory of Ezines 

http://www.free-ebooks.net  specializes in collecting free fiction, tutorial, marketing and business eBooks as well as resources to aid you in promoting eBooks. 



Special Tools

Do you ever need to know if your web site is up even if your computer says it isn't? 
Click HERE and type in the name of your web site.

Statsology  *  Push 2 Check  *  Similar Sites Check 

Keyword Suggestion Research

How many times are your best keywords used? 

NAMEBOY will let you enter a few keywords to find, register and back-order related available domain names. NameBoy will then generate domain names based on the keywords you enter, and let you register or back-order them right there!

Recently Deleted Domain Names, where you can pick up their traffic.

Home Page Universe offers excellent hosting service with many amenities for just $3.95 per month.  "Order any one of our best of breed hosting packages and we will provide un-metered bandwidth for the full term of your service."

Surf the Internet's namespace with DomainSurfer! DomainSurfer is the fastest domain name search engine in the world. Its wild-card and drill-down search mechanisms add unmatched flexibility and make DomainSurfer a unique and powerful tool.

See why over 200,000 small businesses, associations and nonprofits rely on Constant Contact to help them drive their business success! Explore all the features and enjoy industry-leading service, support, and personal coaching. 

Whether you're looking to send an email newsletter, a high-impact email promotion, an email event invitation, an online survey, or build your email list, discover how Constant Contact can help you get it done.

About.com explains the ins and outs of Email Marketing.  Marketing via email is a tricky matter. It is powerful, but easily abused. It is easy, but really difficult. May these tips, tricks and secrets make it easy and powerful for you.

CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) establishes requirements for those who send commercial email, spells out penalties for spammers and companies whose products are advertised in spam if they violate the law, and gives consumers the right to ask emailers to stop spamming them.  The law, which became effective January 1, 2004, covers email whose primary purpose is advertising or promoting a commercial product or service, including content on a Web site. A "transactional or relationship message" – email that facilitates an agreed-upon transaction or updates a customer in an existing business relationship – may not contain false or misleading routing information, but otherwise is exempt from most provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act.

36 Totally Free PPC Learning Resources [Click Here] All about pay-per-click marketing and how to utilize it to generate high quality search traffic for your websites and marketing campaigns.

Google Success [Click Here] Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) tips. Search Engines Some top Search Engine Marketing sites which you can sign up for to help you build and develop your pay-per-click marketing campaigns.All are free and many give you an account credit to sign up.  You can create as many campaigns as you would like for any account.  Remember, no bidding on or usage of trademarked or branded terms in any campaign- unless you own the rights.

Google Webmaster Tools  [Click Here] Make your website as friendly as possible to the Google spiders so more of your site gets indexed and therefore you generate more traffic. Always remember that Google loves original and well-written content, so fill your site with good reading material for your visitors and add new pages to your site frequently.

SearchRev [Click Here] Free whitepapers, webinars, and newsletters forsearch engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Searchspell [Click Here] A great tool that allows you to create Typo (spelling error) lists on the fly.Excellent for creating the extra keywords you need by picking up many of the commonly searched misspellings.

Search Engine Strategies (SES) [Click Here] A leading global conference and expo series that keeps you informed about search engine advertising, including optimization and marketing issues.

Search Engine Watch [Click Here] Insight, advice, blogs, forums and great tips covering search engine submission, placement, and marketing issues. All the latest on search conferences as well.

SendTraffic I Need HITS Founded in 1999, SendTraffic is a full service online marketing firm specializing in Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Lead Generation and Targeted Vertical Marketing. In addition to their SEM and SEO offerings, they provide Paid Inclusion and Feed Management, Website Analytics and Phone Sales Analytics.

SEO Book [Click Here] If you want to learn the ins and outs of SEO, then you have to check out Aaron Wall’s SEO Book.

Copywriting & Press Release Guide [Click Here] Learn best practices as to how you can gain additional exposure for your site or business by mastering the art of creating a Press Release.

DigitalPoint [Click Here] DigitalPoint is the leading webmaster resource for forums and tools.Join their site and open yourself to learning about the deep “ins and outs” of meeting the needs of the search engines and the internet marketing world.

LinkRain: Free Directories for One-Way Links [Click Here] Get your site more free inbound, one-way links from these free directories.LinkRain has a list of over 500 free sites which will help you get more traffic and link outs.

LongTail Video [Click Here] A leader in providing sites with a great way to monetize their video impressions via pre, mid and post roll ad units.

WebMerge [Click Here] If you are creating a mass of product pages, be it text based, containing images, or a highly detailed system of indexes and product pages, then this tool will save you a lot of time while coding.  You will be able to work with a wide range of data types, create templates, import your data directly into the templates – thereby creating thousands of pages on the fly with minimal effort.

Ad:Tech [Click Here] Interactive advertising and technology conference dedicated to connecting all sides of brand marketing.Worldwide shows blend keynote speakers, topic driven panels and interactive workshops to provide attendees with all the right marketing techniques.

Adotas [Click Here] A premier interactive advertising publication on the web, reaching over 100,000 professionals weekly. Emphasis is on providing the best information on media buying and media planning.

Affiliate Programs [Click Here]

Affiliate Scout [Click Here] Another great affiliate directory you can use to help find relevant offers to help get your campaigns going.

Affiliate Tip [Click Here] Free resource to help affiliate marketers with affiliate programs, and provides daily updates on the affiliate marketing industry.

Affiliate Summit [Click Here] A leading source of learning and networking opportunities surrounding affiliate marketing, and the number one affiliate marketing conference now taking place three times per year.

DM News [Click Here] A leading industry source in direct, database and internet marketing.

Digital Moses Confidential [Click Here] One of the best sources of confidential information across the online marketing industry, includes trends, blogs and directories and expert insight.

eComXpo [Click Here] First online virtual tradeshow for eCommerce Marketers.

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) [Click Here] The IAB is the only association dedicated to helping online, interactive broadcasting, email, wireless and Interactive television media companies increase their revenues

Marketing Sherpa [Click Here] A research firm that specializes in tracking what works for all aspects of marketing, including case study interviews with marketing VPs and directors in both business-to-business and consumer marketing.

MediaPost [Click Here] Great information source for media, marketing, and advertising professionals. Includes an industry and media directory, blogs, news, and detailed commentary.Manages the OMMA Conference and Expo.

ShoeMoney [Click Here] A top online resource about how you can make money online by monetizing new trends using the right angles. ShoeMoney.com has over 20,000 unique and loyal readers per day and has been featured in some incredible media sources such as the New York Times,

Wall Street Journal, ABC’s 20/20, Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazine. Web Marketing Strategies [Click Here] An excellent explanation about the many forms of online marketing, along with great references to even more detailed and helpful sites in the marketing industry.

More profits and More sales. 

Here is a strange one for me, a search engine that actually works.  How it works is not a secret:  Anyone with a web page can go there and submit theirs as often as they wish, in as many categories as they want.  Every time it is resubmitted that web page goes to the top of the list.  That explains how.  What I can't understand is why the quality of links for writers is so high there.  Anyway, take a look, and add your web page.

Free Classified Advertising

I've stumbled around some directories for hours trying to find WHERE to submit my book.  It is usually far easier to find WHERE to get yourself included in a classified environment. 

The Yellow Pages Super Highway is found at: http://www.bestyellow.com

FREE Advertising, just click on the word CLASSIFIEDS.

http://www.ebookbroadcast.com/submit.html is a publicity release 
especially for ebooks. 

http://www.download.com is geared more towards software distribution.
http://www.thefreesite.com Home of the Web's Best Freebies, has much 
help for authors.  

http://www.ebooksubmit.com operated by my dear friend Sunil has a sack-load of great marketing methods that will help you get more sales and downloads! Sunil will also warn you about the methods to avoid...

http://www.ebookdirectory.com is a directory of Free eBooks, eBook Publishing and Tutorials.  I have yet to find a way to list my books there, but obviously it can be done as there are thousands of titles available.  If anyone finds out how to do it, please send detailed instructions to me.

ebook jungle requires a link back to their front page from your author's page but produces very fair results.  http://www.ebookjungle.com/submit.php is the actual submission page.

Place a FREE AD every day... This is rather an unusual site where visitors have the chance of winning some big money prizes and other assorted goodies.

There is only one traffic building newsletter I read from top to bottom every month.  Not only do I read Trafficology, I USE IT.  There is ALWAYS one idea I can use immediately, usually three or four well thought out ideas for building traffic. 

Why is it so good?  Every month, Trafficology.com pays people $1,000 for their best traffic-generation ideas. Then, they publish all this... FREE!

That's why "Trafficology" is easily the best "How-To-Get-Traffic" newsletter on earth!  If you're not reading it, you are completely out of the loop!  Click here for a FREE sample issue... and prepare to be amazed!

Over 60% of my talewins web site traffic comes REPEAT visitors.  
Another 20% comes from visitors telling their friends where to find something on my site.  But before I can get repeat visitors, I need ORIGINAL, UNIQUE visitors who want what I have.  
Where do they come from?  Click HERE and I'll tell you exactly where ALL my other traffic comes from, and how you can get your share.  

Google brings in 80% of my ORIGINAL, UNIQUE search engine traffic.  

BUT, if you have a product you are selling, do NOT put 
the Google search engine on your site for customers to use; 
Those popup ads will lure your customers away. 

Now, if you can't TELL where your traffic is coming from, who's doing you the most good, what surfers want, and how long they stayed, what they didn't find, you need to change servers so you can get the tools you need.  Click HERE and check out the best server I know of.  I'll even help you set up your new domain, and learn how to read your logs after you begin getting traffic, if you let me know you have signed up.

The rest of my original search engine traffic comes from 
all the other search engines.

I doubt you'll understand this one as it is in Japanese, but it is bringing in traffic, and must be linked to.. http://leviolette.pop.tc/image2/dasaku-aka.html 

Click HERE for thousands of products
you can offer to others.


Need More Qualified Visitors & Loads of Traffic?
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Find ezines, ezine trades, ezine advertising, articles, tips and advice about e-zines here at the Ezine Directory! Need information on how to start your own ezine? Find the latest articles, tips and information about launching your own ezine here at the Ezine Directory.

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