My books arrived and they do look so professional.  I ran my fingers over the pages and sighed.  This Printing On Demand product was top notch quality!

My husband was talking to me from nearby.  He was busy logging in from a busy day of work, and I didn't think he was even paying attention.  But all at once he turned around and saw the second book I was taking out of the box and his mouth about hit the floor. 

His mouth skidded to a stop in mid-sentence from a totally different topic and he exclaimed: "Wow! Those really look nice!"

Now that's a compliment any author longs to hear.

Instant Publisher
A Personal Review

� copyright 2004 by
Diana Barnum

 Here are a few, among the many reasons I chose Instant Publisher:

Top Reason: Great product! Saw many at writer conferences with blurred covers, ugly color, etc.

1. No charge to upload your own book (which you have to format for everyone else, anyway, I found) and free help with all type aspects in the biz�(cover help, font choices, formatting, etc�

2. Only pay for copies you want (min 25) & they are VERY inexpensive. The greater the #, the cheaper the amount.

3. Great with telephone answering - - many people work there & answer in-person. Also super with email communications. (Some competitors have no contact info or only have voicemail).

4. They do not place your book for you in stores, but after checking around I found:

A. Many who say they do, don�t. You have to follow up. And your orders may not get shipped anyway, if they do. Depends.

B. You can place your books yourself in BN & Amazon (for free to around $50), so why pay someone hundreds for this? Same with their marketing for hundreds (although some have great looking postcards, bookmarks, etc. But I price those with online competitors, too, and check with Elance bids.)

C. Amazon can carry negative feedback, like Elance or Ebay. So caution, there, too. One author received several negative feedbacks because his orders weren�t being received; i.e. shipped. That goes back to A (& to D below).

D. No messing around with author % & earnings. Again I found some who said they paid % didn�t or you had to hunt down your payments, etc� With InstantPublisher, you know what you pay, charge what you want. Period. Total control.

5. Yes, you ship books yourself. 
But guess what? You are now positive YOUR ads / sales materials go with each shipment. 
OK, many know that a wonderful mentor (& now coach) of mine is Willie Crawford. 
He has a policy of shipping his own cookbooks and includes his own sales materials for his own backend products. For me, that is enough said.

My 2-cents:
If a book is great and sells loads of copies, bookstores and large publishing houses will learn about it and make offers or you can check with them down the road when you have a list of sales / clients receipts under your belt. That�s another ball game - -contract negotiations marketing, etc. And I�ve been warned that just because a large publishing house publishes your book, doesn�t mean they�ll market it. That�s still up to you anyway. Otherwise it could flop; bookstores could return unsold books, etc�.

Bottom line:

So publish the book and put it to use and move on to your next project. Many of my clients need my book / notebook combo (we email the info back & forth & it�s time consuming, confusing when out of order, etc�), so now it�s available in print and goes with my services here: 

 Click HERE to learn why I'm so excited about my new print book / notebook combo:

Actually, there are still a few other reasons 
why I chose them, too:

 1. The company offers great free software to use in conjunction with their operations. There was no learning curve. Download from site, instantly upload your Word doc and see how it actually looks as a book format. Then the file goes right to their website, too, to view online and store there.

2. Their website answers about any and all questions you could have. Quick and simple, too. Some of the competitors I researched had little info and others made you set up an account (no charge, but give out contact info, etc..) then still had very little info to offer after the hoop-jumping.
3. One competitor emailed me a 34-page contract -- -Geez!!! And for the life of me I could NOT figure out how in the world to price copies at all with so many mathematical equations included. (When I asked the sales rep, he had his calculator out and after quite a few minutes said something like, "I think it would cost...." -- Give me a break!! How much already?!?! Don't YOU know?!)

The Publishing Contract offered by Instant Publisher was simple -- and sealed with a click. Copy calculations were immediately available to all with just a few more simple clicks. 

the end

Note: This calculation is for U.S.A. shipping within the 48 contiguous states via Standard Ground UPS only. For shipping charge information to other areas, and/or other shipping methods, the company asks you to please contact them at 1-800-259-2592.

Diana Barnum is a professional writer and author.  "I try to be a thorough researcher!"  Her projects include feature industry articles, columns, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters / ezines, press releases, flyers, ghostwriting, marketing/sales materials, instructional materials, speeches, pamphlets, web sites & content, autoresponder texts and their series / ecourses and more. She invites you to visit the client testimonials, work samples and other web pages and contact her to let them know how she can be of service to you.

Editor's note:  I used to live just a few miles from Fundcraft and saw many, many samples of their work. It was always top notch, and great.