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The highest concentration of jobs appear predominantly in

  • Virginia
  • the District of Colombia
  • and Maryland

    You can get prepared for the top job spots just by becoming certified.  "Certification can be enough to get a job at a major company. Start-ups have been known to hire support specialists, and with substantial experience, developers can be hired right out of high school."  Source

It still feels incredible to me that most web developers are now required to have a bachelor s degree or be certified.  I can remember us poor boys with no schooling whatsoever, scoring big, deep hits in every area of the early online experience.  It was like having any number of gold mines to choose from.  Just pick the right one, put up a simple web site and -- -- we were in business.  It was wonderful.  Today it's a little bit harder to pick which gold mine has the most ore in it, but not much.

Back then, people with college degrees seemed to be at a disadvantage for a long time.  But I remember when daughter #6 came out of college and I gave her a job that would have taken me two weeks to complete.  She finished it in less than an hour.  She left the firm out of sheer boredom.  

It's the perception that wins the race as the years smooth out new industries -- and after the universities spent millions of dollars in many instances to see what would work, and  after these college boys and girls studied our sites to see what was really working, the coming norm is that those with college degrees in web building will be preferred in the employment lineup.  

Fortunately, you don't require a college degree when you begin building your own web site -- and those that show an ability to produce sales impact will be preferred by the smaller companies as well.  That will always put us writers at the head of the class.

So, let me throw a switch at you here, a switch that most colleges aren't teaching students yet..

Knowing HOW to build a web site has never been as important as knowing WHAT to build.  There are numerous programs out there that let untrained and inept web builders turn out web sites that WORK.  You will find many of the free programs work better than last year's professional models.  I'm still laboring along with a 2003 program simply because I do know how to make it do what I need to have done.

One web site building program on this page requires virtually no skill at all, and yet it can get your messages listed on Google --  in about 8 minutes, FLAT!  Oh, and this isn't an upsell it's free.



If you can face the truth that cold, hard work is required to make money on the web I'd like to introduce you to a manual that lays everything out on the line for you.  Read it for free, and apply it and you at least have a chance to make money. 


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Books you can give away
Books you can sell
Hundreds of moneymaking
Books that don't cost you a cent.

This is NOT an ad, it is an endorsement for a book that provides All You Need To Know About Programming HTML.  The HTML Book supplies you with the knowledge and the HTML coding you need to program your own site and have it up and running within hours! Yes, hours!.

In addition to all the things you think you will get you will also learn how to: Give your images multi-coloured 3-D borders
Compose complex 3-D tables, Handle forms, Name your web-pages methodically, Get, code and install a PayPal payment button, Get and start using File Transfer Software to get your site onto the web, There is enough material in this book that you could become a 'Professional' HTML Programmer! The best part of all is that:
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Streaming Audio

Now you can stream your audio files over virtually ANY Internet connection.  Turn your books or stories into radio shows the whole family will enjoy.  If you have the material you can stream eight, nine, ten hour shows.  Your customers just click once and they can listen to your show all day long,  Oh sure, it can do ten second jokes too.  But hey, you're a writer, RIGHT?  Maybe let's start with one of your ten second jokes, just to show you how simple this is, but let's shoot for assembling enough of your original material to do a 24 hour show, someday -- someday real soon.


Sooner or later, EVERYONE Wants Some

By now you may have figured out that the old days are over.  You may remember the old days, where authors and writers often struggled for years to attract the attention of publishers and editors who would verify their worth -- and those snotty publishers would pick out the wrong authors nine times out of ten?  

Best of all, today's writers and authors can sell their work on the web -- or at least from the web -- to find out their worth directly from the reading public, and earn a lot more money in the process.

I have led you to the baby steps, now study the rest of this page to see some of the toddler strides you can soon be taking.  If you have a computer of your own chances are you have the capability of publishing your own spectacular version of Star Wars, with all its brilliant flashes of glory.  And you can definitely publish stories as good as James Fennimore Cooper gave to the public.  The important thing is to get moving, start learning.



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Authors, Writers

There's no need to build your own web site unless you just want to.  Your Family-Friendly short stories can be published here free of charge.  All the page building work is done for you.  Now, clue into this: Here, or on your own web site, the one thing you DO need is an information page about the product(s) that make money for you.

Then you can publish articles and stories all over the web, and -- at the bottom of each one -- link back to your information page. 

Since one article can be published on hundreds of sites, with each site providing you with thousands of readers, you could start an upward spiral of income.   

The Private Label Rights and Resale Rights Directory for Writers.  Some of these are free to join, others cost up to $197.00 per month.  Any one of them could have the products that make you rich.

Please note: Descriptions are not my endorsement... They are copied from each site's banners.

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Money you are already spending can make you rich, provide a stable income over your whole lifetime, and still leave millions of dollars for your heirs. Think about how much you are paying banks right now. They are charging you as much as 12% interest to loan money to you. Then there are those obnoxious $25 Overdraft Fees. Wouldn't that money feel better if it stayed in YOUR pocket instead of theirs? 

Then take a look at the fine print on your Credit Card agreements. Can you believe some cards are costing you as much as 27.5% interest? That is incredible, incredible that you are paying it! And what happens if you are ever late with a payment? Another $25 is slapped upside your head to whip you back into line. Well, Stop the madness; Let us show you how much sense it makes to:

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Internet Marketing and autoresponders essentially go hand-in-hand. In today s online business world, it almost goes without saying that you simply cannot succeed at Internet marketing without the use of autoresponders.

Autoresponders are used to automate many of the marketing tasks that are essential to your successful online business.

Without autoresponders, internet marketing can be very time consuming. Whether you do affiliate marketing or market your own products, an autoresponder can be a big part of your marketing power tool arsenal. Autoresponders are used to automatically keep you in contact with your past customers, and to develop a personal relationship with potential customers.  It's like having your own personal telegraph that sends messages for you ANY TIME you program them to be sent out.

You might as well call this next product a book.  There are over 7,000 words in this powerhouse treatise on AutoResponders by Maggie Wood.

Here's another special offer:  Turn Any Text Article Into a Search-Engine-Friendly Web Page -- in Mere Seconds! NO HTML KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED. Simply enter a few details and in less than half a dozen mouse clicks you have a perfectly formatted web page JUST THE WAY YOU WANT IT! You can control table sizes, border thickness, background colors to match your existing web pages. Edit and Change article titles, sub headlines and paste in fresh content at the click of a button.  With Article Page Machine's excellent save template feature you can create dozens of new web pages in just a few minutes - Great for use with software like CB Text Ad Generator or Adsense -- and simple enough for anyone to use.

The next thing you want to do is
find a home for the pages you build.

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Travel the World, and get paid for it. 

I can remember when getting 2 Megabytes of web space for $20 was WHOOPIE Time. 
Then, almost overnight some company began offering TEN Megabytes for just $10 per month.

Now you can get TEN GIGabytes of space for just $6.95
And, host up to SIX domains inside the same account?

You done hit da Jack Pot.

This is not a bare-bones account either.  There's a whole host of extras to go along with the offer.
If you EVER want a web site of your own, THIS IS THE PACKAGE you want, right NOW!


Now that you have PLENTY of room on your server you can decorate your pages with priceless pictures and clip art. I've put some of the easiest to access picture sources on that page.  But you should also think about using your own pictures.  For example, I hunted for hours to find the RIGHT picture of strawberries for my article on strawberries.  Find none could I.  So I went down to the store and bought a box of real strawberries.  These were spread out on the table and I took two shots.

Then I ate the strawberries.  Waste not, Want not; that's my theory of economic stability.  The same principle applies when you are hungry for chicken.


Now that you've got your domain name and got your web site hosted we need to run through the mechanics of setting up a site that will pull in traffic, and money.

The first thing you want to do is put up CONTENT.  The more content of your own making that you can put up the more unique your site will be.  So, put up your own stories first.  Next you will want to put up content by others which complements your own.  You'll want to cull out the very best article sources you can find from my list of top article directories

You should be asking, "HOW MUCH CONTENT FROM OTHERS should I be putting on my web site?" 

For the sake of your ego you don't want to put up so much content from others that YOUR material plays second fiddle. I can also tell you that after you put up more than one hundred of your own articles and find people actually come there specifically to read it that you don't mind the competition so much.  By the time you have two hundred of your own stories you will be begging for the competition to show up to make your own work look even better.

The next step is MAKING MONEY.  Oh, happy day.

Naturally your happiest money will come from selling your own products or service.  Sometimes that isn't possible.  To make money from your web site you have to sell "an action" to someone.  An action can usually be defined as:

  • a banner or display on your site where you get so much paid PER IMPRESSION.
  • a click through where you get paid when someone clicks on an ad.
  • a sign up where you get paid for someone accepting a free gift, or joins a membership site or jumps on a mailing list voluntarily.
  • an application fill in.where you get paid when people apply for some service or information offered by the sponsor.
  • an actual order.

It is impossible to say which one you will make the most money from doing.  My suggestion is that you try all of them and see which kind is most productive for you.  Right here let me caution you a caution... Don't go to bed tonight thinking you will be rich tomorrow.  I remember one time being so disgusted with my sales that I called SCORE in for help.  The rep that showed up had even been wildly successful in the same field I was so I sat down ready to listen to every word he said.  His first question stopped everything in its tracks.  How many new customers have you made in the last 6 months.  I told him 150 and his eyes jerked back to my face as if to see if I were joking. 

150?  Yes.  I felt very nervous about such a small number.  150 new customers?  Ye-a-h.   Something was bad wrong but I wasn't sure what.  150 new customers in a community with less than 600 businesses you can sell to, and the biggest competitor in the state sitting just 5 doors down from you in a branch office?  Yessss.  He shook his head.  "It's a wonder they don't close their doors for good and slink off in shame." 

In an environment that today says 2% sales is incredibly good, make sure you aren't looking for help because you are only doing 10.  Now, you've been cautioned.  Let's dig in and shoot for 20.

First of all,, Where do you find these merchants willing to pay you good money for doing little or nothing?  I have assembled a list of merchants that I have personally made money with.  Check them out first, then ramble on to find your own greener pastures.

When you set up your own affiliate program you can have others help you sell or publicize your offer.  There is a new affiliate finding service that looks like it will go really well.  Click HERE for more details.  

One night as I sat before the computer burning the midnight oil so dreary a man named Lewis sent a letter complimenting me on how well my site was doing.  At the end of his letter he asked how HE could make a similar site.  Now I'm sure that he expected only one or two words of advice at the most, but the timing was right.  My mind kicked into high gear and out popped an extensive answer, which follows -- word for word.  All you have to do is pretend for a moment that your name is Lewis, and here's the mechanics of how I did it.


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  Brand New For 2005 - Instant Membership Site Software

More and more people are looking to set up simple membership areas on their websites.

Although there are many scripts available to help operate a membership area, many webmasters do not want the hassle or expense of installing a script if they are only operating a small membership area.

Instant Membership Site provides a quick and easy way to help you run a membership area using the Password Protected Directories facility available in the Control Panel of most decent web hosts.

This software will automatically manage member user IDs and passwords and keep records of the name and email address alongside the user ID and password of each member.

Setting up your own membership area has never been so easy!

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  Weblink Checker - Avoid Broken Links Costing You Visitors And Sales

When you are creating or updating your web site, it's all too easy to accidentally create a broken link.

Most webmasters insert external links (links to other sites) by copying them from their web browser, but they manually type in the name for internal links (links to pages within their own site).

It is these internal links that are often the source of mistakes.

A broken internal link can not only potentially lose you visitors and sales, but can even have an effect on your search engine ranking.

Weblink Checker is a very simple tool that instantly checks your web site on your PC before you upload it to your web host.

Simply select the file corresponding to your home page and the software will instantly spider your site on your PC, checking every internal link and giving you a detailed report, so you can easily fix any problems.

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Here are some more bonus items for you.

eZula TopText, called the yellow linking virus  Though not a virus, TopText is a problem for Web site owners and computer users

"Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Build Your Own Complete Content Websites To Pull Traffic And Sales Directly From The Search Engines Automatically"  A successful website generally requires dozens of articles, which means creating dozens of complete, linked content web pages.  Using a conventional HTML editor to do this can genuinely take you days of solid effort.  
But here is a much easier solution that will automate the process for you, dramatically reducing the time needed.

Information Cash Machine  "Create Your Own MoneyMaking Info Products"  Combining professional training from product creation experts with special, easy to use software that allows even a complete beginner to create their own ebook, this unique package will get you started in the lucrative info product market.  Click here for full details

Amaze Your Site Visitors With Awesome, Animated, Attention-Grabbing, Captivating, Eye-Popping Special Effects As They Enter & Exit Your Web Pages -- Turn Ordinary Static Web Pages Into Dazzling, Animated Professional Quality Presentations Add TV-Like Presentation-Styled Special Effects To Your Site.  Instantly & Effortlessly Enhance The Design & Overall Appearance Of Your Site.  Instantly Make Your Site Look More Professional.  That's right, now you can Instantly Add Amazing Entrance & Exit Transition Effects To Your Web Pages With Tranzition

Become a home business professional. Begin earning the kind of money you want. Complete system gets you started fast. Free branding tool for those HomePreneurs who want to use the book as a sign-up freebie or bonus package for your other purchases..

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I've been hunting for years now to find a source of learning JavaScript.  It had to be written simply, clearly, and effectively.  It needed to have LOTS of content, free scripts to study and any added bonuses would be a big plus.  Well, finally I found it, and it's free.  Click HERE if you have ever wanted to learn JavaScript.


the end


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