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Jeff Herman's latest directory can keep your book sales moving upwards.This is my most used book. It gives me the facts I need on the editors I want 
and provides experienced wisdom besides.  Other directories simply repeat 
or rearrange what the publisher spokesman offers to say.  Quite often that 
information came from someone in marketing, someone more interested in 
selling books to you than in buying books from you, not an editor.  

Mr. Herman's book reveals his professional opinion, giving a profound 
weight to every entry.   Best of all, the editors names are in the index so I can 
look them up when they E-Me back with nothing but their name to indicate where the email came from..

Some people might think that you don't need Writer's Market if you already have Jeff Herman's book. I have found it is still a necessity. For one thing, the market is more extensive, much broader and the two books complement each other. What one doesn't know, the other one does.  Besides that, the more information you have at your fingertips, the more editors will respect you. There are two versions of Writer's Market. One is the HARD COPY ONLY, and the other one comes with a CD. The  CD is great IF you are doing some fine tuning market work. For example, I use it to find all the small markets in the genre I'm researching who have E-mail addresses, or home pages. It has been my experience that those publishers are thinking ahead, ready and open to try new things, eager to be first in line to appraise new offers.  Publishers who provide their E-Mail address then ask you not to use it even for short queries aren't ready for the dynamic new talent emerging today.

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Simple, down to earth instructions guide you to getting your book published.  This is FOR writers wanting to get their book published, and the 
300 pages deliver virtual information overload.  The only excuse is, 
it is easily understood and magnificently easy to navigate.  I earnestly 
suggest that every writer get a copy by clicking on the book cover.  
Even if you have an agent, you need this book to know what is going on.   

The Basic TOC is, Great Expectations, Submitting to Publishers, How to 
Get A Book Contract, Working with a Publisher, and Continuing Your 
Career as an Author.  In the Great Expectations section you will learn what to write, where 
to find ideas, and market research techniques.

producing good work for children is hard enough, use this tool so you can get published much easier.Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market is a choice bundle of help for writers in this genre. So many writers give up on trying to place fiction for adults and fall back to writing for a younger audience because it is easier.
It isn't. Today's publishers in this field insist on better quality and finer tuning than ever before. This book provides writers with the specific needs of the major players in this field. There are 850 places to sell your work with more information on specific markets than any other book I know of. It is also great for illustrators.
A real bonus is the informative articles and strategies to help writers make money with their writing. I ask every children's author to thoroughly study Children's Writer's & Illustrators Market.

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Books from Our Favorite Authors

futuredan.gif (9137 bytes)"Leading Your Company Into The Future With Internet" is a comprehensive guide for managers and offers a step-by-step method to start using this new medium and lead companies into the future.  The author Danielle Vallee provides for managers a complete overview of the implications Internet can have on their business. It covers technical and managerial aspects of the media, from using basic services all the way to electronic commerce and advertising. It describes the advantages and pitfalls for each service, identifies potential technical problems, offers technical solutions and describes the evolving culture surrounding this dynamic media which is Internet. The book has the angle of a manager's point of view rather than a technician's point of view. It starts by introducing the basics and allows the manager to acquire a working knowledge of the media.

How To Buy Land at Tax Sales by Lin Stone A step by step guide to buying land at tax sales.  This is the most timely and current source of reliable, practical, and accurate information on this very profitable topic.  Anyone wanting a piece of the American dream at wholesale cost (like city lots for $50), or who is about to buy real estate by conventional means needs this down to earth advice.  You will discover a hidden fortune at your County Court House.  A sure fire formula gives you a competitive edge and lets you unlock innovative techniques to get in on the action fast.  This is a genuine HOW TO book, not a Where To.  Instead of just pouring out a row of phone numbers or list of addresses ALL the steps are laid out so you can take the book right along with you, before the auction, at the auction, and afterwards.
Whiz Teens in Business by Danielle Vallee is a remarkable book for its comprehensive format in a down to earth language kids can use to get serious about business.  In conjunction with the book WhizSeminars are being offered for free to groups of 100 teenagers who want to learn hands-on how to start and expand their own business.  If you have an ambitious teen at home, insist on a visit to either link.

>Look to the Hills, by Hazel Krantz.
>Walks in Beauty, a beautiful Navajo story by Hazel Krantz

Fine Tuned Hunting.. A veritable goldmine of publishers wanting novels is found in the >NOVEL & SHORT STORY WRITER'S MARKET.  2,200 places to sell your fiction.  This book narrows the gap and the speed with which you can find a publisher for your work.

Another genuinely inspirational book I've bought, given to writers I love, and bought more copies for myself, is >HOW TO WRITE FAST WHILE WRITING WELL by David Fryxell. This book has paid for itself over and over again in lessons learned which help me cut to the cleavage ,with a sharpened stone. David shows how to create outlines, how to use outlines, how to know when to quit, how to organize your work, research, and time to get the job done, on time! My writing time was cut in half from the first reading and I have read it several times since, picking up speed as I went. Essential Chapters include
Why write faster and better?
Getting organized.
Planning research and interviews,
Secrets of Speedy Research,
Efficient Interviewing,
Beating Writer's Block,
How to Put Your Completion Drive in High Gear,
Being Your Own Editor,
and Tips and Tricks of the Fast Writer.
There are other chapters, but I have already learned my lessons good in their departments.

>The Art of Creative Nonfiction by Lee Gutkind reveals the secrets of straightening out the truth so it reads better than fiction. Sometimes I just want to scream at writers (usually born-again reporters whose every tenth word is SAID) who don't realize that good writing is the the very core of good sales. So, if you are like Joe Louis (Making money keeps you from being nervous, even if you don't like the stuff) and don't mind writing for money, slip over to Amazon.com and purchase this book.

Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma by Muriel H. Wright

The Indians in Oklahoma by Renard Strickland

I hate Oklahoma, and 303 reasons why you should too by Paul Finebaum.

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