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Many visitors to are writers from China, India, Russia, Israel and the Philippines.  These are writers with brilliant minds, but they are aren't quite as confident with the usage of their English as they would like to be.  Sometimes there is good cause for their concern. 

When that happens, they might produce something that Lin calls NOODLED ENGLISH.  To them it sounds perfectly good and sensible; to American readers it might be entirely unintelligible.  Our clients would lose face if noodled English were found in their sales material when published, so putting Lin Stone on retainer makes good sense to them. 

When they aren't sure about a sentence or two they can simply pick up the phone and say, "Here is the sentence I have.  How does it sound?"  1 minute, 2, 3 at the most and they are back to writing at top speed. 

Reviewing FINISHED sales material might take 5 minutes, 10, even 15 for a more "PROFESSIONAL" review.  It can give them full confidence in the finished product.  -- Of course there is always the chance they need to make some rearranging, or add some original pictures, audio or video to the package.

Occasionally it is better and faster for both sides if the entire project is done on paper, and Lin is perfectly happy to perform that service as well.

Today, more Americans than ever before don't know how to read, write, or spell.  That's why you now see sentences with words like "Lightening struck the house," and "I found a dollar walking beside the road" so frequently.  Oh, Sure, more than half the Americans you talk to will understand what you mean instead of what you say -- but they would understand you much better if YOU understood what you meant.

Lin Stone can't make you be that confident; there are just too many permutations and options waiting to trip you up.  But he can cover most of your bases in half the time with an aptitude for rewriting that spews out the words almost faster than you can think. 


Basically, THAT is what Lin does here at Tale Wins Dot Com.  You get everything as right as you can, and let Lin do the rest for you.  He will listen to a few sentences at a time, and FIX ANY NOODLED ENGLISH that you aren't sure about.

"Noodled English? Mr. Stone, I've never heard of NOODLED English. Tell me, exactly what is NOODLED English?"

Hmm. Well, the first classic sentence he found was "Set mister on high and windy place." But, what they really meant to say was, "Set the mister where a brisk air current will pick up the hazardous mist and carry off the rolling clouds of vapor."

WOW! What a difference! Yes. most people can see how important his job is here at Tale Wins Dot Com! By eliminating all the confusing messages or instructions in your sentences you could actually be preventing a disaster!

This is much more important than proof reading.  Talewins is blocking the noodled English BEFORE it gets published. If he doesn't find that noodled piece of English for you it could make you look very foolish. Lin will be your friend that makes SURE that the RIGHT WORDS get put into THE RIGHT PLACES, so everybody is happy..

Lin's work is kind of like translating your sentences IN and OUT to make sure they make perfect sense, both to the sender, and to the recpient.

Depending on the client, he can work right over the telephone for maximum speed. OR, you can work through a message box, That's where either party can type AND rearrange what has been typed. He don't quit working until you are comfortable with the finished product and you believe that all the noodled English IN it has been ironed OUT of it.



Taipei, Taiwan is becoming a
magnet for modern bargain hunters

The world is now one huge market
Small companies, sales professionals
  Buy from Israel, Taiwan, India, China 
and then resell to their own customers, around the world.

But it's improving that First Contact sales material that's more important than any other aspect.
If it is confusing, subject to being misunderstood, there is a need for help.



3 Simple steps to your start your Affiliate Program

  • 1
    Sign up for your XX affiliate account.
  • 2
    Post your affiliate URL.
  • 3
    Redeem referral points for products or cash back.

You make money by Advertising our Products


3 Simple steps to starting
your own Affiliate Program

  • 1
    First, Sign up for your XX affiliate account.
  • 2
    Second, Advertise your affiliate URL to earn referral points by sending prospects and buyers to us.
  • 3
    Third, Redeem referral points at any time for products, or ask for cash back.

You make money by
Advertising our Products


As you see, only 9 or 10 words were changed, and an image added
OTHER, SIZE adjustments were suggested.

Time used?
Less than 10 minutes.
Cost deducted from retainer? 
Only $15.00  in U.S. Currency
Retainers paid through PayPal.

If this had been a full roll out project, we would have been discussing many other, in depth matters that could have catapulted sales by exponential factors. 
  1. Do you have ads and advertising ready for the use of affiliates?
  2. Do you have expl;icit instructions to help them add affiliate ID to their ads?
  3. -- --- - -- --- and many other matters.


* * * * *

These strategies work even better when there are no language barriers.  Small, or emerging companies can feel a groundswell of confidence when they can suddenly say, "Sure, I can provide you with that service," and just outsource it to Lin and his staff for fulfilling.  With the concept of RETAINER they always know how much they are spending, and have spent.  Their retainers can be as small as $27.00 if they anticipate only needing slight help, or even no help at all..  The retainer is good until used.

To some homepreneurs, $27
can seem like an unearthly sum.

But, SOMETIMES, trades can be made.

When you put Lin Stone on retainer as your assistant author you will be adding a professional copywriting staff to your business.  Perhaps you can't see it yet but your clients will notice the difference immediately. Suddenly, you can just pick up the phone and run an idea by a professional author and co-ordinator.  Suddenly, you will have the help you need to build on your ideas and rapidly expand your business.  Suddenly you'll have gifts to give, articles to speak for you and even web site pages built, blogs constructed.  You'll have sources and outsources that will multiply your business effectiveness by a factor of ten or more.

Not only will you be adding a trusted collaborator and Touch Up Specialist to your planning and development staff, you will also have the power to turn out

  • artwork,
  • audios
  • movies,
  • typesetting,
  • design,
  • layout,
  • banners,
  • advertising,
  • book covers
  • and a host of other services.

Is Ready To Work For You

Lin Stone is the Perfect Assistant Author and Collaborator.  In the bargain you'll gain a Touch Up Specialist able to proof and improve your sales literature and publicity releases.  He can help you straighten out narrative, turn mere words into powerful quotes and rearrange your faulty story lines quickly.  Use his wholesale rates to launch your own business, and switch over to doing everything yourself as you become more confident.

Pick up your phone and give him a call at the first sign of trouble.  It's that easy.

Here are samples of his feature Writing Skills, one written for a new cancer hospital and one on finding the papers of Josh Lee, U.S. Senator.


Can Lin Stone help you improve YOUR writing?  Probably.

Why not pick up your phone and find out.
  Call 1.405.872.5556

Copyright � 2003-2013 by
Earl H. Roberts
Write a letter
or send a note, if you prefer.




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"Technicians turn to me.  Lawyers turn to me.   Engineers turn to me.  Manufacturers turn to me.

"I'm a translator.

"They turn to me because writing must make sense to the reader or it is worse than useless.

"I'm an obverse translator.

"I turn your English into exciting prose easily understood even by those not as smart as you are."

Exactly What can a rewriter do for you?

Don't make the mistake of thinking Lin is a ghost writer who stays hidden behind the scenes.  A rewriter is more like a knight sparring for the king when all the other pieces on the board are blocked from moving at all.  He can jump right out in front and write shameless praise to your name while you blush your head off.  A rewriter takes your thoughts and ideas and molds them into a powerful missive just as you would have done if you had the time and skills to do it by yourself.  

Lin is good at it.  Many times he has sat down with a client and finished the story in less time than it took another author to get the facts straight enough to begin working.

Beneath the surface of those writing improvements you can see at first glance are some interesting changes you can't see without looking inside the html document producing the page.  (Choose SOURCE in the VIEW options provided with your web browser)

First, meta tags have been added to the html header. 

Second, the keywords and description in the meta tags have been tailored to meet the current parameters of search engines and spiders with a strength for this subject matter.  In other words, this page is now ready for submissions that are far more effective.

Now -- back to the rewriting.  Did you notice that the sentences have been restructured to achieve dynamic impact?  Whole pages have been reorganized for better marketing as well.  J.P. Surfers will now have a better idea what is waiting for them, and how to get solid value from their visit.

Please note:  Rewriting must be billed differently than other types of writing.  Each project is based on how much rewriting is needed, not how many pages or words are in the finished product. Billing is done by the amount of work and skill required to produce the exact results you want to see.

Let's get started with your rewriting project:

Send a file of up to 2,000 words that you want rewritten. Lin will work on the project until a block of $100 is reached, no matter where that much rewriting stops -- and return the file to you with an invoice for $100.  If you aren't satisfied with the results, simply trash the invoice.  Forget it ever existed.  If you are pleased, pay the invoice and ask for the next installment.

It's as simple as that.  

Minor polishing of revisions are always free.

Remember, at this point you can pause to study the corrections being made to your work.  If you can improve the rest of your material on your own, fine.  Go to it.  By improving the remainder of your work from the revisions made you can easily lower the costs of continuing to the next stage -- or leave all the work to Lin if you have time constraints cramping your style on your end.

Is this the kind of writer you want working for you?
Maggie Wood

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