"Do You Need Some Help
Writing Your Book?"

"Do You Need Some Help With Your Writing?"

Thousands of writers struggle for months on a book and then just give up that book to try writing another one. They splutter to a stop, never to go again.  They know SOMETHING IS WRONG but they aren't sure what.
These writers could work for a lifetime and still pass on with their best songs still in them. Because I have learned to love revising and improving my work I can help you shine a new light on your material. Together we can build a blazing desire in your readers to follow your lead. Sales material, blog posts,or complete novels, doesn't matter. If you know what you want to happen I can help you make it happen.
There is always a big bonus that comes from working with me. Watch what I'm doing and, soon, you will be doing it better.

Fifteen, 20 years ago I couldn't finish anything either.  I took course after course and still couldn't write  Then I found a writer that believed in me.  She leaned over my shoulder and began shifting whole continents of my work.  A few months later I could see a highway through the trees.

Most writers hate having to revise their book.  I have learned to love it. 

I'd love to help you revise your book.

a short video
Before we go any farther let's show off a few of the books I have revised.  You can read the original books, then read my revision.  In fact, maybe you have already read some of the originals. 

One of the books I have rewritten is TO THE LAST MAN by Zane Grey.  I have renamed my revision WESTERN SHEEP WAR.  Maybe you need a shorter sample?  Try reading THE POOR LITTLE GOOSE GIRL, MY MANSION ON HIGH, THE GINGERBREAD MAN, GERONIMO,  or LEGEND OF THE CAR.

Click HERE!

Look at the originals, read the new versions I have created.  The changes are substantial; the new versions are just as good as, or better than the original.

If I can do this much for classics, just imagine how much I can help you with your book.

And do you know the best part?  I WILL WORK FOR FREE!


I call it a free consultation.

We'll start work on a small portion of your best work and see what comes out the other end.  You are free to incorporate any of my work you choose.  No charge, absolutely no obligation.

If you have any questions, just pick up your phone and give me a call

The number is

P.S.  Writing courses are great for most people, but there are others that can learn how to write in no other way than having a kindly instructor leaning over their shoulder, helping to get the right words pointed in the right direction as they write. 

"A few hours of personal help can be better than many years of almost hopeless struggle.  Suddenly it becomes easy to see what needs rearranging and how to make your words sizzle on the page, sharper than a two-edged sword."

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