Circle of Light
by Emily Ann Roesly

a story of shadows. 

Madison Sinclair has had a power. Growing inside her since childhood, it has molded her life and the lives of everyone around her. Struggling to understand and master this force, she balances on the perilous edge of evil. Her intimate relationship with God is challenged by her obsession with the occult until a confrontation with a demon brings her choices sharply into focus. Madison vows to use whatever gift she's been given to fight the Dark One and... read more from the publisher.

About the Author

With a wild sense of humor as a shield and cutting wit as a weapon, Emily Roesly drifts through life taking each day as it comes. Knowing that control is an illusion, she relies on the love of her husband and soul-mate, Bill, to keep her grounded while God keeps her safely on the right path. She enjoys a quiet life in the woods of New Jersey's Pine Barrens, nestled in front of her keyboard as her imagination soars like the eagles above the pines.