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I've been hiking around for the last 75 years. I started at four years of age. I reached a point about a mile from the house and I was still ready to trot, when Daddy drove up. When I was six I trotted off across the desert and made it to my destination, 43 miles away. The police were baffled by my disappearance but I played for about three hours, and Daddy drove up. 

That was the last time Daddy went looking for me. They never called the police on me again either.

Like a mountain lion I developed a territory to explore that was 50 miles across. I took no camping gear but the clothes I happened to have on me when I was prompted to leave, no food, no water, no hat, no weapons of any kind, no fire. Sounds incredible, doesn't it? I called it fun. Today I think they call it "survivalist".

My wife and I had six girls; consequently, trotting off somewhere was the cheapest way to  take a vacation. That urge is still in them, hence the name, The Trotter Files. Occasionally they send me pictures. My fifth child has raised her own family of trotters and now takes some of her grandchildren along. 

 Our first offering Is a 3 story Romp through the Fordyce Bath House in Hot Springs Arkansas. Let me caution you a caution before you go; This is a 5,000 word report. If you have a slow modem it could be a long wait.

We need your hiking or Destination files, to be posted here. We give you a byline and up to 200 word promotion at the bottom. Submit a query by eMail to talewins@gmail.com You retain all rights. Thank you.

The Red Rock mountains of Sedona.