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Personal Finance & Money Management : What Is a Money Market Savings Account?

There are many ways that investors try to work out which way the market or an individual stock will move. They will look at any number of technical indicators that they feel will give them a clue as to what may happen. Of course outside influences can also affect matters. These can happen very rapidly without warning and send prices shooting either up or down and totally confounding the indicators. 

Credit Card Debt Facts You Should Know Increasingly more and more of us has at least some credit card debt. Facts put out by the credit card industry and debt counsellors show that not only are we increasing the number of cards we have but that we're increasing the amount we owe on those cards. Those credit card debt facts can make truly frightening reading. 

Learning About The Stock Market If you are thinking of investing in stocks and shares learning about the stock market is essential. That's not to say that you can't invest without learning about the stock market but it will be a far riskier proposition. You don't need to know every last detail about how the markets operate but knowing the basics will enable you to spot potential problems far more easily. 

The overall cost can be very substantial too. Of course you need to check the figures for yourself don't go making assumptions as everyone is different. You need to calculate how much paying your credit cards off at the minimum rate will cost you. There are a number of internet based sites that will allow you to put in your figures and will then spit out the answer for you. 

When we think of the different ways of investing money most of us think in terms of the stock market but there are plenty of other types of investment to consider. For example you could choose gold or any other precious metal, real estate, Certificates of Deposit or even old automobiles. Your choice is limited only by your imagination and of course the depth of your pockets! 

Remember that the 'net is unregulated and anyone can put up a site without bothering to check their facts. Of the two choices I much prefer having a book if only for the peace of mind that it has been checked professionally. But either way my advice is if you are a new investor and serious about learning the jargon you really can crack the code with a stock market dictionary.