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EXCEL - How to Make a Budget - PART 1 - Personal Finance - TUTORIAL -

Online Savings Accounts The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Them Online savings accounts have become very popular in today s times, especially in developed countries like the US. More and more people are moving over from the high street banks to the online banks and applying the savings and checking accounts on them for the myriad conveniences that they can get out of them. 

Never lose sight of the fact that high rewards are being offered for a reason - the risk of loss is also high. Whatever the type of investment you are after you should always try to think about having a broad portfolio of investments as this again will lessen your risks while giving you the opportunity to get a good return. 

The analytical skills you need in selecting a suitable investment are the same ones you will be required to apply in the workplace. When you decide to begin investing it is necessary to examine your attitude to risk. You need to consider whereabouts on the risk versus reward scale you fit to make sure you feel comfortable with your choice of investment. 

Sudden Debt - How Should I Deal With It Sudden debt can crash unexpectedly into the lives of almost any of us at any time. We can be going along through life quite happily and then bang! Without warning we find ourselves in debt and it's well so sudden! Debt is also something that many of us have been told since childhood is a bad thing. 

For anyone who has been haunted by the worry of how they find enough money every month to service their debts they can be the answer to their prayers. Of course for anyone who is thinking of approaching a bill consolidation service there are some very important points to keep in mind. Just as with any other form of loan every aspect of it needs to be carefully weighed up before going ahead. 

They introduced things such as traded options, short selling, unit trusts and even debt-equity swaps which were revolutionary at the time. After the early success of those Dutch pioneers other countries soon began to see how they could copy this new trading model. Perhaps the most successful were the English with the London Stock Exchange.