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On this page I have - or will have - listed some of the books and courses I have written or rewritten. Some are free, Some sell for $1.00 or a nickel less, and Some sell for $27 or so. One will sell for $47.95 - but that is a while in the future.

I won't cheat you, and I pray you won't cheat me. All these books are offered on educational purposes only. When possible I post a section on the web so you can tell how well you will be educated. So, okay, let's get rolling.

The first offering is the Million Dollar Copy edition. It teaches how to sell the WRITE million Dollar copy you learn to write. I was most impressed by what shows up in this course.

Rethink your tagline, Create your most powerful logo

Launch Your Book to the world. This little jewel is now picking up "pass around" status.

Magic Words Sales amplifiers. These ten suggestions will double the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Internet Money Genie, Your own genie for unearthing a stream of income with the books you earn, the products you develop, the talents you call your own.

The 20 uses for publicity and how to recognize a great opportunity.

Linkedin Stepping Stones For Marketing: Boost your sales and your profits with these proven marketing strategies 

Have a Book Trailer Built for your book, product or package.

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The New SEO Newer, Better, longer lasting and easier to wrap your mind around it and bend this newer and better tool so it can help you overhaul your website OR build a fresh new website so that this New SEO can go to work for you and bring you the best kind of web traffic for your book, or your service, or your kind of product. The competition is fierce out there so if you don't try to get your share then your share will be taken from you and redistributed others more determined than you are. That has been the law since before Jesus walked the earth and it will be the law until the day he comes back to walk the earth again. So give this new SEO a chance to work for you. This is more than a report just a tad short of being a fair-sized book because the new SEO is comprehensive enough to work on many a project.

The Affiliate Traffic Persuader is the latest tool in my  traffic arsenal. When you use this tool you will be able to grab traffic throughout the day. Thousands and thousands of traffic pools open to you. The traffic is there waiting for you and your site, your product, your book or your service content will decide how much response you get, but it is there! And the 5,000 word document that you can download and use today has an option on the traffic available to you. It is possible to empower the forces that will bring traffic to your sites in order to see what you have and if they are intrigued enough you will soon notice a sharp increase visitors to your website.

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