Farmers are raising oxygen from every plant they grow.

Have you ever thought about farmers making our oxygen? Most farmers never think about that fact of their life. They can stand right in the middle all those vigorous plants that are constantly emitting clean, pure oxygen into the air and never realize how much oxygen they are raising, on top of all the food, fabric, provender, and meat they are producing.

Back when I was raising cotton there was enough free oxygen floating around on still days to make me absolutely giddy! Alfalfa is even more vigorous with its deep roots and thin leaves! My summers were full of alfalfa hours and on dew-laden mornings that began at midnight. The first contented stir of sunlight breeze sighs down the valley on a ripple of current playing tag with the swaying stems of alfalfa that are nodding in obeisance to the first prayer of the day.  I have more to be thankful for this year than any of the seven decades gone past, and gratitude for all that pure, clean oxygen comes high on my list.  This Thanksgiving I shall give special thanks for all the farmers who still go out of their way to raise oxygen for a starving world.  If you are grateful for the air you breathe and wish to say "Thanks!" with me, you can post this image on your web site or social presence to remind the world how grateful you are for that bumper crop of oxygen farmers produce.


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