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Raw Wit and Wry Wisdom, easily our favorite book. now holding Over 400 pages of quotations, unlikely heroes as well as historical documents you may not find elsewhere. Verdana font in 14 pica height is used for easier reading. The book is organized and designed to be read as if it were a novel of discovery.

The Little Tooth Fairy: Queen Incha is Queen of the Little Tooth Fairies. She has spent all her money trying to find Little Alice, her daughter.
Let's turn this around here, says Sally SweetGums. Let's make her Find YOU!
The beautiful crown is up for grabs!
Thus are the little Tooth Fairies thrust into modern times. Emily comes looking for work as a scullery maid.

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I don't want no more of these thinly disguised petitions for more money that are engineered to rake off a silent consent for more money taken out every week if the patriot isn't most careful. 
I voted for Trump in 16, 
I voted for Trump 2020 but it was a close-run thing. His requests for money, 2, 3, 4 times per week made it a certainty I would have voted Democrat if they had nominated any kind of a good candidate. 
I don't want no more letters written by a professional who was trained by Publisher's Clearing House. 
I don't want no more "Polls" that will not even accept my opinion unless I give up my phone number
I will vote for Trump again if he runs again. 
I will vote for Mike Pence every time he runs.
I will vote for Ted Cruz if he is nominated. 
I might even vote for Rand Paul if he is nominated. 
But if anybody else I have seen on the scene today is running I will probably consider voting libertarian.  
I am this hacked off with the pitiful politicians prancing down an empty parade ground today.